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  • China Sourcing Agent For Chinese Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Factory Certification,QC (800) 401-0365 Our vision is to be acknowledged as the worldwide leader in China sourcing services. For the procurement of your product development, manufacturers and Chinese Factories. We put our client satisfaction as our #1 priority. When our clients are pleased, we are pleased. We do this by caring about our clients and their business triumph while following our values. Our vow is to grow through outstanding service, employee growth, pioneering processes, original solutions and technology. M I S S I O N S T A T E M E N T Our Mission Statement We have more than 300 overseas factories that are currently in a fully approved status. We have engineers located both in the US and globally, standing ready to assist you with any need that may arise. We employ established methods to ensure that the highest level of quality control is maintained with regard to all aspects of our managed projects. Always providing a transparent process that allows you to see the great job that our quality control teams are doing! Q C – E N G I N E E R I N G QC and Engineering Specializing in problem solving and optimizing existing China manufacturing programs as well as using creative product resources to developing new ones. Get a quote today. In addition Working direct with Chinese Manufacturing, it is imperative to employ American trade professional to look out for your interests. This is what we do. Why not take a look at our global sourcing solutions now! F R E E Q U O T E N O W Get A Free Quote Now Topics For Investigation Product Development Company China Sourcing China Products Manufacturing HOME SOURCING SERVICES PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CHINA PRODUCTS FAQ’S GET QUOTE BLOG CONTACT US converted by
  • /* ]]> */ © Outsourcing Agent for China Manufacturing, Product Development. All Rights Reserved | SEO Outsourcing by Local SEOd Before contacting a China sourcing agent regarding design, product development, rapid prototyping or packaging for an invention or a product, give us a call. Here is an example of the professional quality of our work. We place client satisfaction as our highest priority and create problem free projects. O U R W O R K Our Work Over 25 years of experience manufacturing overseas has made our outsourcing Services the premier US based product development & sourcing company. The expert China sourcing agent for Chinese manufacturing and overseas product development. Our main goal is to help distributors or manufacturers to improve product quality as well as substantially reduce procurement costs in a safe way. A B O U T U S About Us We offer our Chinese Outsourcing clients door-to-door worldwide ocean, airfreight, trucking and rail facilities. This includes everything from quality control to management of Customs and document filings to delivery at the loading dock. That’s right – This is a true door to door service. Get An Accurate Quote Today! L O G I S T I C S Shipping O T H E R L A N G U A G E S Select Language ​ ▼ S H A R E U S Google+ +608 Recommend this on Google Sign Up to see what your friends like.LikeLike ShareShare Q U I C K L I N K S Home About Us Our Mission Statement FAQ’s Contact Us C O N T A C T I N F O Name:* Email:* 1 + 5 S U B M I T converted by
China Sourcing Agent For Chinese Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Factory Certification,QC (800) 401-0365 Our vision is to be acknowledged as the worldwide leader in China sourcing…