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PowerPoint Presentation Letâs Look deeper Working at EXL Start with why you are excited to meet their team. Also, why you think the EXL and their company align or might go well together. Have their team do introductions? Ask them to include what they want out of this meeting and what are some business challenges they would like to address in todayâs meeting. Next â EXL team introductions. Name, title, years in industry and/or at EXL. Brief bio that is relevant to the client. Intro should be no more than a minute. 1 Our business Operations management Insurance Healthcare Banking & financial services Finance & accounting Travel Transportation & logistics Utilities Analytics Marketing analytics Risk & compliance Operational enhancements Technology/platforms Industry platforms Accounting tools Automation support EXL at a glance EXLS 270+ 25.3% Established in April NASDAQ listed Clients CAGR from 2006-2013 Professionals 23,000+ 1 999 Named insurance âleaderâ by Everest Group Excellence in Education winner URAC accredited clinical services Numerous industry leader awards Multiple awards â¹#⺠| December 10, 2014 | © 2014 ExlService Holdings, Inc. The journey in getting to 22,200+ people servicing over ~300 clients, in 25 languages from our 29 delivery locations has been an exciting one. Today we are a profitable, debt-free company with significant cash reserves on our balance sheet. We believe we have built a strong foundation over the years to build on our services and client base. As a proven partner and advocate for our clients, we were awarded the âSupplier of the Year for Value Creationâ by Genworth this year (2013). As a challenger, we finished in the top two among roughly 1,500 competitors in a two-year analytics competition sponsored by the California-based Heritage Provider Network to develop models that accurately predict hospital readmissions. And as an expert, we seek accreditations and certifications, such as being the only provider to be URAC-certified in all 50 states. In our 14 years, we continue to build in our philosophy of client centricity and leadership. These are just a few examples. 2 Professionals 23,000 Post graduates 2,900+ Analytics consultants 1,200+ Nurses, doctors & clinicians 800 Lean Six Sigma Professionals 425+ Actuarial students 70 Attorneys in our legal support services team 40 MBAs 1,700+ People are our biggest asset © 2014 ExlService Holdings, Inc. December 10, 2014 â¹#⺠At EXL, people are our biggest assets, so invest heavily to ensure they have meaningful career paths. As mentioned a couple of times already, they have unique learning opportunities in our established training academies. We also encourage industry certifications through partnerships, of which thousands of our employees have achieved. We also establish learning programs with universities to expand on our own internal capabilities. 3 22,000+ Employees The EXL journey 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Incorporated in Delaware Management, with Oak Hill Capital Partners and FT Ventures acquires EXL from Conseco Acquired Inductis, a leading strategy and analytics company Listed on NASDAQ Opened 1st Delivery Center in Noida 5,500+ employees Identified as âTop 100 Hot Growth Companiesâ Opened UK Office 12,200+ employees EXL expands into Czech Republic and Romania Acquired Acquired PDMA, Inc. the maker of LifePRO Acquired Expansion to Philippines 2014 Acquired Inception of EXLerator Framework 2013 â¹#⺠| December 10, 2014 | © 2014 ExlService Holdings, Inc. In 1999, EXL started its journey by opening doors in the U.S. with our leadership that remains today: Chairman Vikram Talwar and CEO and Vice Chair Rohit Kapoor. Within two years, theyâd built a foundation of 500 professionals in our first delivery center in Noida. In 2002, EXL management joined with Oak Hill Capital Partners and Financial Technology Ventures (FTVentures) to acquire 100% ownership of EXL from Conseco, Inc., a major US insurance company. Following EXLâ IPO in 2006, Oak Hill and FTV sold all their shares in EXL. In 2006, we celebrated two big milestones, including being listed on NASDAQ and acquiring Inductis, a leading strategy and analytics company that was the foundation of our large analytics practice today, our fastest-growing line of business. In those next three years, some of the highlights were opening several additional facilities in both Eastern Europe and India, being listed as one of BusinessWeekâs âTop 100 Hot Growth Companies,â our two founding leaders, Vikram and Rohit, were recognized as 'The E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year' from the Metropolitan New York Area and 'FAO Superstar' by FAO Today, respectively. In the last few years, our focus area has been building out more technology platforms and deepening our industry expertise. We acquired LifePRO, an automated life policy administration platform to extend our insurance depth. We acquired OPI, an F&A provider with high credentials in working in the Big 4, to broaden our F&A footprint and last year we acquired Landacorp for their unique HC platform, CareRadius, as EXL broadens our HC capabilities. 4 Delivering where our clients need us: North America Corporate headquarters in New York city 7 client management & business offices Multiple technology and product development hubs 500+ onsite professionals and consultants Europe UK client management & business office 200+ professionals in 4 locations 13 European languages supported India 18 delivery centers Analytics center in New Delhi area Spanish services delivered from Kochi Asia 4 Philippines delivery centers; URAC accredited for clinical Malaysia SSC for Japanese & Mandarin Jersey City Indianapolis London Olomouc, CZ Cluj-Napoca, RO Sofia, BUL Jaipur, IND Bangalore, IND Kochi, IND Manila, PH Malaysia New York, HQ Chico Dallas 31 Global delivery locations 25+ Languages supported Noida, IND Gurgaon, IND Pune, IND Cebu, PH Hartford Richmond Mumbai, IND â¹#⺠| December 10, 2014 | © 2014 ExlService Holdings, Inc. Our delivery locations have expanded over the years to best accommodate our clientsâ needs based on skill needs, languages, cost of delivery, ability to attract and retain talent, and geopolitical stability. With the launch of each new location, EXL seeds the on-ground team with seasoned leadership that can quickly replicate the processes and systems leveraged from our well-established centers. We are currently expanding our U.S. footprint and establishing more nearshore facilities to extend our global footprint. UPDATES: 10/16/14 (TR) â500+ onsite professionals and consultantsâ to 800+ 10/16/14 (TR) â200+ professionals in 4 locationsâ to 500+ 10/16/14 (TR) â13 European languages supportedâ to 17 5 © 2014 ExlService Holdings, Inc. December 10, 2014 â¹#⺠Because we serve a diverse client base and have a wide range of capabilities we help our clients solve complex business problems. Choose two examples from the list hat align with clients interest. No more than 3. Spend time listening to the client. 6 © 2014 ExlService Holdings, Inc. December 10, 2014 â¹#⺠Simply put. EXL is a business process solutions company with three service lines. The biggest volume of business is operations management. Within operations management cross industry solutions such as processes in finance and accounting, accounts payable, treasury, financial closing. As well as industry specific processes, such as claims overpayment, actuarial services, freight audit, revenue recovery, disease management, underwriting. Include consulting as a service. Analytics being our second service line. The analytics practice serves a broad range of offices including compliance, marketing, procurement, customer care, etc. Technology/platforms are our third service line. EXL has invested heavily in technology platforms based on our clients unique industries. A couple of examples are LifePRO, a policy administrative platform for the Life & Annuity business, a subrogation platform, and CareRadius, a healthcare management platform. EXL has a wide variety of tools to enhance client operations, compliance and revenue 7 Analytics is embedded in everything we do $1.5 billion saved annually by identifying attrition causes and developing retention strategy $500 million by improving multi-channel marketing campaigns 350% increase in lead generation resulting in $125 million 66% increase in client collection process 50% increase in campaign enrollment â¹#⺠Our analysts use cutting-edge modeling to help companies in several ways: - Analyzing consumer behavior on digital channels - Deciphering consumer needs to match best product for the customer - Determining best strategies to manage consumer debt - Supporting corporate risk management initiatives to regulatory compliance Identifying areas to improve business performance and efficiency We find that the more we approach a business challenge with a combination of tools, processes, technology as well as analytics, we can produce meaningful results like these presented here. 8 EXL looks deeper to drive business impact through integrated solutions and industry knowledge Take some time to walk through some of EXL philosophies on how we work with clients to drive business impact through creative integrated and adaptive solutions. Give examples of how EXL is an expert, advocate and challenger for our clients. 9
PowerPoint Presentation Letâs Look deeper Working at EXL Start with why you are excited to meet their team. Also, why you think the EXL and their company align or might…