5 Lessons For Entrepreneurs

2. WHO IS THIS GUY? @PORTENTINT CEO, FOUNDER, PORTENT, INC. WWW.PORTENT.COM 3. SINCE 1995 4. SINCE. 1995. 5. I’VE BEEN THROUGH A LOT (AND I’VE HAD MY MOMENTS) 6. SOME STUFF IS FINALLY SINKING IN guess i shouldn't have done that 7. MY 5 LESSONSjust mine. your results may vary. 8. ENTREPRENEURS these lessons are for you don’t have to be one 9. BELIEVE IT 1IT’S WHAT GUIDES YOUR WORK 10. IT’S PERSONALdon’t let anyone tell you different 11. LIVE ITin the way you work 12. KNOW WHYyou’re doing this 13. LOVE ITenough to learn it 14. LOVE ITenough to teach it 15. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT 16. WHEN YOUR GUT SPEAKS LISTEN 17. BALANCE 2LIFE, WORK AND HEALTH 18. YOU CAN WORKany 100 hours/week you want 19. YOUR FAMILYmust support what you’re doing 20. YOU STILLhave to clean the toilet now and then 21. YOUR 1ST DUTYis to remain standing 22. YOU’RE NOT CAPTAIN AMERICA YOU’RE A GRUNT 23. TREAT YOURSELFyou deserve it 24. YOU DON’T HAVE A.D.D. you’re just disorganized 25. BECOME A MASTER TIME MANAGER it’s your most precious resource 26. GROWTH 3MUST BE SUSTAINABLE 27. YOU ARE TAKING RISKS NOT CRASHING CARS be smart 28. HIRE FOR INTELLIGENCE NOT SKILLS anything can be learned. if you can think. 29. HIRE FOR EQ NOT POLISH they can always wear a suit 30. TEACH THE SH#T OUT OF EVERYTHING 31. LEARN THE SH#T OUT OF EVERYTHING 32. WORK AT THE EDGES DELEGATE THE MIDDLE expertise leadershipexecution 33. DO THE MATHit doesn’t lie (but it may fib) 34. SET CLEAR, MEASURABLE GOALS for yourself and others 35. CHANGE IS GOODuntil it’s not 36. DON’T WAIT FOR THE PERFECT TOOL forever is a long time 37. CASH FLOW IS KING you can’t breathe without air 38. TRUST 4BUILD IT. DEMAND IT. 39. INTEGRITY IS THE ACE it’s not a renewable resource 40. DON’T FART IN PUBLIC people remember that 41. IF YOU CAN’T TRUST THEM FIRE THEM employees or clients 42. SET CLEAR STANDARDS ‘be great’ doesn’t do it 43. CRAZY ISN’T MOTIVATIONAL no one likes working for a nutjob 44. TAKE A TIME OUT before you explode 45. NICE IS NOT HELPFUL it’s destructive 46. LEADERSHIP5IN ALL THINGS photo by richard masoner 47. LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR it’s distracting 48. LISTEN, THEN DECIDE please. pre‫﬛‬ please. 49. YOU DO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING even when you don’t 50. FOUNDERS MUST BUILD THE THING it’s hard to run the business otherwise 51. CEOs MUST KNOW THE WORK otherwise they make bad decisions 52. REVEAL TO DISCOMFORT it beats hiding 53. THINGS GO WRONG it’s how you react that counts 54. NEVER EVER EVER EVER stop learning in public 55. THE PEOPLE who taught me 56. BEN HOROWITZ THE HARD THING ABOUT HARD THINGS 57. PATRICK LENCIONI EVERYTHING HE’S WRITTEN 58. GUY KAWASAKI ENCHANTMENT 59. STEPHEN AMBROSE D-DAY 60. DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN TEAM OF RIVALS 61. STEVEN JOHNSON THE GHOST MAP 62. ALL OF HISTORY great leaders are great teachers 63. MY WHOLE FAMILY through patience & occasional lack thereof 64. EVERYONE I’VE WORKED WITH with judicious eye-rolling & support 65. MIND YOUR PARTNERS and yourself 66. LOVE WHAT YOU DO to your core, without question 67. DO IT WELL and be‫﬙‬er every day 68. STAY HUMBLE enough to learn 69. STAY ARROGANT enough to lead 70. THANK YOU ian lurie @portentint ian@portent.com www.portent.com 71. other presentations by me:
You learn some pretty hard lessons in 20 years of entrepreneurship. Hopefully, you can avoid some of my mistakes by reading this presentation.