Cnp catalogue 2014 multi link mould series

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  • SHANGHAI CHANGSHUN Tel+86 21 39876216*8004 Skype:

    China's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality industrial& custom made bakewares since year 2005.

    Multi-Moulds baking tray/cake pan seriesCNP manufactures custom . All pans are constructed of commercial grade materials, fabricated in various sizes and configurations to meet your baking needs, and are coated to your specifications.

    All our products enable you to bake to perfection.


    CS9001 600X400X34

    24Cake pan-24 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9002 600X400X28

    36Cake pan-36 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9003 600X400X39

    21Cake pan-21 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9004 600X400X34

    40Pudding pan-40 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9005 600X400X26

    54Cake pan-54 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9006 600X400X28

    40Cake pan-40 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9022 600X400X40

    24Pudding pan-24 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9009 600X400X40

    28peach shaped cake pan -28 MouldsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9024 600X400X30

    24Pudding pan-24 CupsSilicon Al-steel


    CS9021 600X400X34

    15Cake pan-15 Cups Teflon Al-steel

    CS9023 600X400X30

    24Cake pan-24 CupsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9030 600X400X32

    28Peach shaped cake pan -28 MouldsSilicon Al-steel

    CS9029 600X400X30

    15Hamburger bun pan-15 Flat MouldsTeflon Al-steel

    CS9031 600X400X25

    32Penguin shaped Cake pan-32 Moulds Silicon Al-steel


    465X110X105/Unit Mould155X90X45

    4)Cake pan-4 Cups(Teflon) Al-steel

    /Mould74X28CS9520 505X120X40

    5()Foldable Hamburger bun pan-5 Flat MouldsTeflon Al-steel

    /Mould72X72CS9510 505X120X90

    5)Foldable Cake pan-5 Cups(Teflon) Al-steel

    CS9531 400X290X55

    16Chinese Gold Ongot shape Foldable pan-16 Moulds Teflon Al-steel

    Wpper Mould

    Bottom Mould

    Combinition image

    /Unit Mould80X48X35CS9530 420X115X80

    6Chinese Gold Ongot Shape Foldable Pan-6 MouldsTeflon Al-steel

    /Unit Mould240X75X38/Unit Mould130X80X40CS9540 330X185X95

    33 Strapped bread pan Teflon Al-steel

    CS9541 325X295X90

    33 Strapped bread pan Teflon Teflon Al-steel