Best LinkedIn Company Pages in 2014

2. Thank you for nominating thebusinesses and organizations that haveinspired you this year! We’re excited tolearn from and celebrate the 10 BestLinkedIn Company Pages of 2014! 3. INTRODUCING THE BESTLINKEDIN COMPANY PAGES OF 2014!EvernoteThe NatureConservancyDellMarketoHootsuiteProcter &GambleL’OréalTesla MotorsLuxotticaGroupWells Fargo 4. DellBy leveraging SponsoredUpdates and its robusttargeting capabilities, Dellis able to reach beyondtheir followers and sharetheir valuable content witheven more of their targetaudience.Tip: Sponsor your bestcontent to reach evenmore of the world’sprofessionals directly inthe LinkedIn feed.» Visit Dell’s Company PageHow You’re ConnectedCareersDell Showcase PagesSince 1984, Dell has played a critical role in enabling more affordable and accessible technologyaround the world. As an end-to-end computing solutions company, Dell continues to transformcomputing... see moreRecent UpdatesDell Technology should give you a competitive advantage. That’s our core belief. It’s how startupsbecome unstoppable and growing companies become global leaders. More at technology your competitive advantage? • Powering businesses and communities isthe reason we come to work every day. Dell leaders across theglobe talk about our commitment to help you grow and thrive in aconnected world.DellFor decades, IT security has been viewed as an inhibitorfor business. That doesn’t have to be the case -- learn whybetter security is better business: would a chocolate factory grow and thrive with our end-to-endsolutions? Get a flavor for the vision here: Solutions for Smooth • Henry uses unique DellIT solutions (mobility, security, big data, andcloud) to help his chocolate business grow.So he’s free to focus on the tough stuff. Orin this case, the sweet stuff. 5. EvernoteWhen Evernote releaseda new feature, theyposted an update andpinned it. By pinning thisupdate to the top of theirRecent Updates section,they ensured that theirCompany Page visitorssaw the exciting news.Tip: Feature your mostvaluable content bypinning an update to thetop of your CompanyPage’s Recent Updatessection.EvernoteHow You’re ConnectedCareersEvernote Showcase Page» Visit Evernote’s Company PageEvernote apps and products make modern life manageable, by letting you easily collect and findeverything that matters. Our products hep you remember everything, communicate effectively andget... see moreRecent UpdatesRecent UpdatesEvernote The workspace for working together. Work · Work Chat is a new feature in Evernote thatconnects you to the people that help you achieve more, all withoutleaving your workspace. Do your work, share your work, and talkabout your work in one place. Learn more.Recent UpdatesEvernote The workspace for working together. Work · Work Chat is a new feature in Evernote thatconnects you to the people that help you achieve more, all withoutleaving your workspace. Do your work, share your work, and talkabout your work in one place. Learn more. 6. HootsuiteMedia Inc.Hootsuite is very familiarwith their audience. Byposting updates withhelpful tips and insightsaround social media, theycontinuously providevalue to their followers.Tip: Share contentthat is valuable to youraudience and answersquestions or solvesproblems they may have.» Visit Hootsuite Media Inc.’s Company PageHootsuite Media Inc. To help you understand social media videos and increase your chances ofgetting your videos shared, we have created this complete guide to social videos and where it fitsin your marketing plan. Guide to Social Video, and Where it Fits in YourMarketing • Here’s how to include social videos in your socialmedia marketing plan and how to use social video.Hootsuite Media Inc.How You’re ConnectedCareersRecent Updates 7. L’OréalL’Oréal humanizestheir brand and sparksconversations byasking questions andcelebrating milestoneswith their followers.Tip: Start discussionswith and among yourfollowers by askingquestions, sharing shortquizzes, and celebratingcompany wins.» Visit L’Oréal’s Company PageL’ OréalThe world leader in beauty, L’Oréal is present in 130 countries on five continents.Our 28 international Brands include Kiehl’s, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Yves SaintLaurent Beauté, Ralph... see moreRecent UpdatesL’Oréal We are inspired by YOU!... Join us for our 500,000 followers celebrations here: Thank you for following L’Oréal on LinkedIn!How You’re ConnectedCareersL’ Oréal What type of music makes you more productive?Answer with your LinkedIn profile here: Doe soft electronicJohn Doe ElectronicInspired by You! Thank You to our 500,000 L’OréalFollowers on LinkedIn • Where does your inspiration andmotivation come from? As we celebrate 500,000LinkedIn followers, discover our inspiration canvas...L’ Oréal We just passed 500,000 Followers on LinkedIn–and is the firstsurprise we have prepared! Thank you for following L’Oréal on LinkedIn! 8. LuxotticaGroupLuxottica Group doesan incredible job ofgetting the most fromtheir Career Page. Notonly do they post jobopenings, but theyalso share and uploadcontent that highlightstheir company culture.Tip: Attract top talentby leveraging theCareers Page on yourCompany Page.» Visit Luxottica Group’s Company Page» Visit Luxottica Group’s Career PageLuxottica Group CareersWHO WE ARELuxottica aims to guarantee its employees the widest possible freedom of choice inexploring the organization. We believe that the real key to the company’s successlies in the people’s capacity to take on different roles within the organization.Our headquarters are located in Milan and our career opportunities are all aroundthe world.Apply now to start a wonderful professional experience in Luxottica: we are waitingfor you!“Luxottica is the place where you canfulfill your dreams” / Meet Anthea • Are you wondering whatbeing a Luxottica means?Luxottica Group Meet Anthea Muir, General Manager retail Opticalof Greater China. From New Zealand through Australia and Shanghai,Anthea has been working in Luxottica for 17 years and she had 9 differentleading roles in the company. 9. MarketoWhen sharing content,Marketo adds additionalvalue by including imagesor thumbnails that directlyrelate to the update.Tip: Make sure theimages or thumbnailsposted with yourupdates are relevant tothe content beingshared, since theyfurther convey yourmessage.» Visit Marketo’s Company PageHow You’re ConnectedRecent UpdatesCareersMarketoMarketo is the leader in digital marketing software and solutions. Our mission is simple: tohelp marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.As such, we’ve built the most... see moreCards Against Marketing Madness – • If you’re battling in thetrenches of marketing mayhem, Cards AgainstMarketing Madness is your game.Marketo What kind of card game would Don Draper play in 2014? Downloadthe latest version of Cards Against Marketing Madness before your holidayparty weekend begins!4 Content Marketing Productivity • Being a content marketer ishard. Read on for the top 4 productivity killers andhow you can rise above them.Marketo Escape the grim reaper! Don’t let these 4 productivity killers be the death ofyour content marketing programs. 10. The NatureConservancyThe Nature Conservancydrives engagement andensures that their contentstands out by postingcompelling rich media orthumbnails.Tip: Make your updatesstand out by postingimages or rich mediathat is eye-catching.The Nature Conservancy Coral reefs reduce wave energy by 97% reducing risk ofstorms, sea level rise to 200 million people. New study; Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy and Neutrogena®Naturals want your support in protecting the earth’s most precious resource:water. Do you know how much water you use in a day? mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all lifedepends.We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished since our founding in 1951: The NatureConservancy has… see moreThe Nature Conservancy» Visit The Nature Conservancy’s Company PageRecent UpdatesHow You’re ConnectedCareers 11. Procter &GambleProcter & Gamble took astep further and createda Showcase Page fortheir Secret Deodorantbrand. With a Companyand Showcase Page,they’re able to engageand share relevantcontent with their twotarget audiences.Tip: Accentuate differentbusiness entities with aShowcase Page.Procter & GambleSecret DeodorantRecent UpdatesAs the world’s largest multinational consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble co. (P&G, NYSE: PG)Secret Clinical Strength can help keep you 100% Fearless atwork. Check out the stories, videos and other content below formore ways to stay fearless.Websitehttp://www.secret.comIndustryConsumer GoodsFollowersHow You’re ConnectedCareersis the 4th largest corporation in the» Visit Procter & Gamble’s Company Page» Visit Secret Deodorant Showcase Page 12. TeslaMotorsTesla Motors shares theirlatest announcementsand gives a sneak peekof what’s to come fromtheir brand on theirCompany Page.Tip: Leverage yourupdates to shareexciting news andexclusive contentabout your company.Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasinglyaffordable electric cars. Palo Alto, California-based Tesla designs and manufactures... see moreTesla Motors Location-based suspension, real-time traffic-based navigation, commute advice,and a smart calendar. Read about the new software features we’re enabling for Model S owners.Software v6.0 for Model - Today, we’re announcing details about newsoftware being delivered to Model S customers through an over-Tesla Motors Tonight, we announced Dual Motor Model S and Autopilot. Available for ordernow: 60D,85D, and P85D. P85D accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. The fastestaccelerating production four-door car ever. 60D and 85D provide all wheel traction and gain 10miles of highway range compared to their rear motor Model S counterparts. Every new Model Shas Autopilot hardware. More details to come.Model S Design Studio | Tesla - Model S is the world’s first premium electricsedan. Designed from the ground up as an electric car, Model Sprovides an unprecedented driving range of up to 300 miles and canaccelerate from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds without burning a drop of…Tesla MotorsRecent UpdatesHow You’re ConnectedCareers» Visit Tesla Motors’ Company PageTesla Motors Model S has received a 5-star safety rating from the European New CarAssessment Program: 13. WellsFargoInstead of sharing everyupdate with all of theirfollowers, Wells Fargotargets updates bylocation to deliver a morerelevant and localizedexperience. Target bycompany size, industry,function, seniority,geography, and languagepreference.Tip: Make your contenteven more relevant byleveraging targetedupdates.Wells Fargo Are you near the SF Ferry Building? Visit our pop-up@ Justin Herman Plaza from 11-6:30 for great giveaways and tryApple Pay. Can’t make it? Come see us in Union Square from 12-3.Banking for refugees and paving apathway to financial - With helpfrom a volunteer, Wells Fargo hired arefugee from Burma to provide specializedbanking for refugeesWells Fargo Turning passion into action, a team in Iowa is helpingrefugees pave a pathway to success. Read their story.» Visit Wells Fargo’s Company PageWells FargoWelcome to our LinkedIn page! Wells Fargo & Company is a diversified financial servicescompany providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer andcommercial finance through... see moreHow You’re ConnectedCareers 14. Want to take your Company Page to thenext level? Try putting the 10 tips fromthese pages to use, and your page mayjust land a spot on next year’s list!For even more tips and insights, accessall of our Company Page content here.
Thank you for nominating the businesses and organizations that have inspired you this year! We’re excited to learn from and celebrate the 10 Best LinkedIn Company Pages…