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  • 1. Nimble Streamer Light-weight freeware media server
2. HTTP streaming is the future ● More effective ● Lower delivery cost ● Better caching utilization ● Easier implementation Hence wide adoption of HTTP Live Streaming, Smooth Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming and MPEG-DASH. 3. Demand for HTTP streaming server Customers seek for light-weight solution: ● High performance; ● Low license price. Goals: decrease TCO and increase ROI. 4. Nimble Streamer initial development requirements ● Handle all HTTP streaming protocols: ○ stream as origin; ○ re-stream as edge. ● Get binary protocols as input as well. ● Run at all major platforms on small virtual machine. ● Fit to high-performance streaming infrastructure. ● Free of charge. 5. Nimble Streamer performs transmuxing, i.e. re-packaging on-the-fly: ● Pulled and published RTMP to HLS; ● MPEG2TS to HLS; ● Adaptive bitrates full support; ● Icecast/SHOUTcast to audio-only HLS; ● Security features may be applied to outgoing streams. HLS live origin server 6. Transmuxing files to HLS in VOD mode: ● MP4 to HLS; ● ABR via SMIL files; ● MP3 and AAC to audio-only HLS; ● Security features may be applied to outgoing streams. HLS VOD origin server 7. Re-streaming edge server: ● Re-streaming live and VOD HLS streams; ● Takes media from any origin server; ● Smart caching with RAM and ROM to offload origin. HLS edge server 8. MPEG-DASH streaming ● Live streaming from published and pulled RTMP; ● Video-on-demand from MP4; ● MPEG-DASH re-streaming as cache-aware edge. ● Hotlinking protection; ● Geo blocking; ● Pay-per-view framework; ● Streaming over SSL; Nimble Streamer team is an associate member of DASH Industry Forum. 9. RTMP ● Full RTMP streaming feature set; ● Pull from any source; ● Get published RTMP; ● Produce RTMP for playback; ● Re-publish RTMP for origin-edge interaction; ● Full set of paywall features. 10. RTSP ● Pull RTSP from any source; ● Get published RTSP; ● Transmux to RTMP, MPEG2TS, HLS, MPEG-DASH and Icecast. 11. MPEG2TS ● Take incoming UDP multicast and unicast MPEG-TS; ● Pull MPEG2TS over HTTP; ● Transmux to RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH and Icecast; ● Make cache-aware re-streaming of MPEG2TS. 12. Nimble Streamer can be used as origin for various audio scenarios: ● Icecast cache-aware re-streaming with metadata support; ● Multiple Icecast streams as fallback; ● Transmux RTMP, RTSP and MPEG2TS to Icecast; ● MP3 and AAC tranxmusing to audio-only HLS; ● Security features may be applied to outgoing streams. Audio streaming 13. Pseudo-streaming server ● Progressive download full support; ● Works as both origin and re-streaming edge; ● Seeking via HTTP Range header and Flash time marks; ● Supported formats: mp4, flv, mp3, oga, ogv, wav, webm, mkv; ● Custom formats support via just single config setting. 14. SmoothStreaming and HDS server Cache-aware re-streaming as edge server: ● Smooth Streaming as live and VOD; ● HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) as live and VOD; ● Take media from any origin server like IIS or Wowza; ● Cache chunks with RAM and ROM to offload origin. 15. Protection, restriction and limitation Protecting your media assets with paywall feature set: ● Verimatrix VCAS support ● Pay-per-view framework; ● Hotlinking restriction; ● Geo-location limitation; ● IP ranges limitation; ● AES-128 encryption support for HLS. Based on proven WMSAuth technology successfully used for Wowza Media Server and Windows Media Services. 16. Peer-to-peer streaming Nimble can be used as origin for P2P streaming networks. A few required features are available in the product. Check this page to see full list and get examples and demos from our partners: 17. API Application Programming Interface allows: ● Obtaining single server status - connections, bandwidth, RTMP and MPEG-TS stats; ● Managing live streaming settings - RTMP, RTSP, Icecast, ABR; ● Getting real-time statistics for all servers, separate server and separate stream; ● Getting all daily stats available via common UI. 18. Easy configuration Nimble Streamer may be configured by: ● configuration files; ● WMSPanel web interface. Available for Linux, Windows version is coming soon. WMSPanel web interface allows setting up: ● live streaming settings; ● VOD settings; It’s accessible from any device: PC, iOS, Android etc. 19. Excellent reporting (1/2) ● Web-based access from any device: PC, iPhone/iPad, Android etc. ● Real-time chart: connections + top-20 countries; ● Daily statistics: ○ connections, ○ traffic, ○ bandwidth, ○ geo-location. ● In-depth report for per-file and per-stream stats; ● High-details retrospective charts; ● Each stream has real-time and retrospective charts. 20. ● Data slices: ○ daily and real-time stats for separate streams; ○ end-users logins. ● White label branding “camouflage” for end-users: ○ unlimited custom domains, ○ any logos, ○ custom styling; ● Export and alerts API; ● Billing report; ● UI i18n: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and more; Excellent reporting (2/2) 21. Nimble Streamer is free of charge: ● No license fees; ● Patent clear; ● Opened config format; ● Make money on WMSPanel reporting and control; ● Completely operational without control panel. Business model: Nimble 22. WMSPanel reporting and control: ● Software-as-a-service model; ● Monthly subscription payments; ● No need for dedicated customer hardware; ● Any time service cancellation. Business model: WMSPanel 23. Try now
Nimble Streamer is a light-weight HTTP streaming server. - Streaming HLS as live and VOD origin; - Streaming MPEG-DASH as live and VOD origin; - RTMP, RTSP, MPEGTS streaming;…