Daisy, Oh Daisy

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  • 1. Daisy, Oh Daisy Presentation by: Gabriel De La Torre P. Story by:Libbi Dicks
2. It haoend again 3. The worst of all. Exactly like the last time. She ran away…… 4. Never to see that awful face again. She was lost in all of the terror that was put into her………. 5. Most people think its because she couldn’t stand living with Helen, her god mother. The rudest lady in all of the land.She never cared about anyone but her and her dog, Doodles. 6. Daisy ran away to save her powers. The powers that every one dreamed of. To fly high in the sky. But once her powers were with her she was a bird. A smart, devious bird that could do anything. 7. Daisy was the smartest student and the nicest girl in the class. She had 3 friends named Jenny, Rose, and June. They didn’t know about her super powers. But one day they suspected something. Daisy always carried around her blue sequined hankers chief. That day she wasn’t at school, but after school everyone saw the new super hero with a blue sequined hanker chief in her back pocket. 8.
  • Rose called Jenny and Jenny called June. They didn’t know what was going on. The day before that Daisy told her friends “No matter what, she will always have her blue sequined hanker chief would be in her back pocket”. So that means the girl with the blue hanker chief was Daisy. No one knew that Daisy had powers. She didn’t either.