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  • 1. Ancient Hebrews Ms. Susan M. Pojer

2. 4.The Ancient Hebrews 3. Hebrew Kingdom

  • Nomadic Herders from Mesopotamia
    • Settled in Palestine (modern day Israel)
      • Also called Canaan
        • Monotheistic belief in one God
          • 1 stto believe in one all powerful God
        • Justice
          • Good vs. Evil/right and wrong (especially in Gods eyes
          • Rise of Judaism Became one of the major religions of the world

4. Abrahams Genealogy ABRAHAM SARAH HAGAR Isaac Esau Jacob 12 Tribes of Israel Ishmael 12 Arabian Tribes 5. Abrahams Journey from Ur CanaanThe Promised Land 6. Abrahams Journeys 7. YahwehsCovenantWith His People TheTorah

  • The first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible.
  • The most sacred text in the Jewish religious tradition.

8. Ancient Palestine 9. EXODUS

  • Famine
    • Hebrews left Canaan because they were starving
      • Went To Egypt
      • Became enslaved by Egyptians
        • Story of Moses raised by Egyptian Pharaoh
        • Moses learns he is Hebrew Frees people and leads them back to Canaan (Promise Land/Israel/Palestine)
          • Called Exodus

10. Land of Goshen, Egypt 11. Moses Prince of Egypt Shepherd of His People 12. The Exodus 13. Route of the Exodus 14. Moses and the 10 Commandments A new covenant with Yahweh (God) Keeps societies stable 15. Mount Sinai 16. St. Catherines Monastery at Mount Sinai 17. Hebrew Civilization

  • Hebrews developed an advanced civilization
  • Hebrew Tribes united under King Saul
  • Continued under King David
    • Saw their greatest strength and prosperity

18. King Davids Empire 19. Solomons Kingdom

  • Beautified Jerusalem
  • Built Temple of Solomon
  • After Solomons death
  • the kingdom weakened

20. Recreation of Ancient Jerusalem 21. King Solomons Temple Floor Plan The First Temple 22. Inside the Temple Tabernacle The Arc of the Covenant 23. The Temple Mount, Jerusalem Today Solomons Temple Wall:The Wailing Wall 24. Kingdoms of Judah & Israel 25. Israelites in Captivity 26. Alexander the Great & the Hellenization of the Near East 27. The Great Library at Alexandria. Egypt 28. Jerusalem:Studying the Torah 29. After

  • Israel became part of the Roman Empire
  • Romans destroyed Jerusalem and scattered the Jews throughout the world
  • Jews did not return until 1948 (after WWII)

30. Herod the Greats Kingdom