Philadelphia Eagles Marketing Project

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<ul><li> 1. 2013 Marketing Strategy Jesica McCullough</li></ul> <p> 2. Situational AnalysisWith a 2012 season record of 4-12 (lowest since 1998s 3wins), fans are going need to something to get excited aboutand a reason to support their team in more difficult times.With a newly renovated stadium and ticket price increase, weneed to keep fans hopeful and attending events. 3. Marketing PlanFocusing on the slogan Well Watch our Eagles Fly (takenfrom the fight song), we will concentrate on the game dayexperience. With the new improvements to the stadium anda new social media campaign to win various exclusiveexperiences, we plan to expand ticket sales. 4. Social Media Campaign: Twitter Photo posts of new experiencesavailable in the stadium as well aschances to enter to win them (newsuites, merchandise, radio showaudience, player meet andgreets, etc.) 5 Game day giveaways to audiencemembers who post picturesdemonstrating the Well Watch ourEagles Fly slogan Key players posting pictures of gameday preparation with the hashtag#watchusfly 5. Social Media Campaign: Facebook New campaign slogan will be presentedas the cover photo and pictures fromTwitter shared on page (more fan relatedthan news) Discussion posts asking for game dayexperience ideas that could be offered tofans; Top 3 ideas get first experience andsigned merchandise Campaign Grand Prize (links on Twitter tothis page): Story of what Well Watchour Eagles Fly means to you. Top 5selected will then be voted on to winlifetime season tickets (2) to foreversupport their team. 6. Mobile PlanWith the rise of cellular use, an app will be created to assistin all aspects of the Well Watch our Eagles Fly campaign.There will be a breakdown of different sections to enter: NewExperience Photos with a section to enter drawing, Slogansections for pictures demonstrating audience participationand a chance to enter contest, Player photos, discussionforum of experience ideas, and Grand Prize section. Gamescores and other team related news will be present on theapp home page as well. 7. Web Marketing PlanBudget for Google Adwords will be used to market the teamand connect to the marketing web pages. Some examplesfrom vague to specific are: Tickets Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia sporting events Eagles giveaways Eagles game day experience Well Watch our Eagles FlyOther web advertisements will beused on social sites, sports blogs,and NFL sites. 8. Target Audience Men16% 15%18-2525-34 Geographic 35-4529%46+40% 16%Phi9%PA53% NEUSA 22% 9. Budget Social Component: $300,000 Mobile Component: $100,000 Web Component: $300,000 Autographed and Experience Give-aways: $100,000 Grand Prize: $200,000Total: $1,000,000 approx. 10. Expected Benefits of CampaignSolidify the Eagles fan base by demonstrating differentaspects of what it means to be a life-long fan. Using differentmethods of getting fans involved and sharing currentexperiences, future possible experiences, and pastexperiences will keep the spirit of the Eagle fans alive. It willremind them that being their for their team is not justimportant in winning times, but in every game played. Thisspirit will increase ticket sales, hospitality experiencesales, merchandise sales, etc. Well Watch our Eagles Fly</p>