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<p>KAI GREENE THE PREDATOR</p> <p>KAI GREENETHE PREDATOR</p> <p>KAI GREENE</p> <p> * PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDER * MOTIVATOR * TEACHER</p> <p>EARLY LIFE</p> <p>Kai is from Brooklyn, New York. From the age of six Greene grew up in foster care.</p> <p>Greene was introduced to the idea of team competition in the 7th grade. He soon became an enthusiastic bodybuilder.</p> <p>He competed in the National Physique Committee, aiming to move into the international federation of bodybuilders.</p> <p>Early Life Cont.</p> <p>He won the 1999 NPC team universe after that he took a five year break from competitions before re-emerging in 2004.</p> <p>In 2008 he won 3rd place in the Arnold Classic</p> <p>In 2009 he won 1st place in the Arnold Classic</p> <p>Stats of his career</p> <p>Height: 5ft 8in</p> <p>Competition Weight: 256-267 Lbs</p> <p>Arm Size: 59cm (23in)</p> <p>Leg size: 86cm (34in)</p> <p>Chest size: 148 cm (58in)</p> <p>Documentaries</p> <p>In 2009, Kai worked with director Mike Pulcinella to release Overkill which documented his preparation for his first appearance at the 2009 Olympia. In 2010 he teamed with Mike Pulcinella again to film the sequel Redemption which recorded his reaction to his fourth place win, and the new routine and training he adopted for 2010 competition.</p> <p>Ill never be a weightlifter</p> <p>One of Kai Greene quotes is that he is not a weight lifter. He feels that his job while working out is to fully contract the muscle being worked period. A weight lifter is only concerned with lifting and moving more weight.</p> <p>Present time</p> <p>Kai greene is still active in the bodybuilding industry, he still makes workout videos that are on youtube and on dvd.</p> <p>Sources</p> <p>http:/</p> <p></p> <p>Iron Man Magazine</p> <p>This is Kai Greene Hard work pays off!</p>