שיווק בפייסבוק - איך זה עובד?

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2. Evolconsum er fnd i oryatonH ow uton ofdi nf m i iscovers i Directory DigitalSearch UGC +UGC + Social Phoneboo DirectorySearch Directory Context ,ks Yah engineY Facebo local ads, oomarketingelok newspaper eBa psy 3. O pi on offini rends i m osti l snfuentali W hen consi i pur derngchasi a prngoductorser ce,w hi oftvi chhe ?f l i t o ar yourm osttust and val olow ng w er eduabl soureces ofi or atonnf m i Source: Facebook segment, self-reported survey data conducted on Facebook, Mar.08, US only, n = 3,169 4. Power of the Social Graph is changing discovery 5. Peopl ar onl one di ensi oft soci gr e eymonhe al aph 6. The social graph is the network of real connections through which people communicate and share information 7. ? What is Facebook 8. G i peopl t pow ertvee he os h a r e and m ake t w ordhel m or o p e n and c o n n e c t e d e 9. Shitng fom w hata f t nk w e shoul w ant fi rew hid 10. t aski ourfi ong rends and f iy i r tm e . am l n eal i 11. Fr ho ar you?t hatsom W eo W? happeni ng 2004/200 200 200 200 200 56 7 8 9 12. What users and brands do on Facebook Users and brands interact seamlessly on the Facebook PlatformPhoEve ViComm Mess GroPa Applica tos nts deents ages upsge tions os 13. The Facebook Story 14. Facebook Today H uge G r t andow hEngagem ent )propery on t I ernet(tm e on siethe nti t#1 O ver 200 bilon m ont y page vi s lihlew O ver250 pl f m apps w ih over1m actve ator ti users O ver2. 5bilonliphot upl osoaded perm onthO ver65 m ilon actve users usi Facebook M obieliinglO ver 1.4 m ilon phot served persecond li osO ver 1. 6 bilon chatm essages a li day TR U STe ranked Facebook as t t m osttust com pani op en r edes O ver 6 bi i m i es spentonlne ever dayl on nutliy O ver3. bi i pi 5 l on eces ofcont upllent oaded ever w eeky 15. C ust i i atm assi scal Tr om zaton ve e ansl i Ser cesaton vi Pr ie exam pl oflBei el e i spi l Facebook aufD eut sch Facebook i Englsh n i 16. G r t i I aelcontnues ow h n sr i 12 10 8 6 Ov e r 2 .6 m 4 2 0Sour Facebook i er dat Feb 2010 ce: nt nal a,.N ot Actve user ar r st ed user w ho have le: is e egi ersogged on t Facebook atloeastonce i t l 30 daysn he ast 17. Facebook Today -I ael sr H uge G r h andowtEngagem entO ver2. m ont y actve U ser i I ael6mhl i s n sr O ver3 bilon m ont y page vi s li hlewO ver50% penetaton oft onlne popul i r i he iaton O ver55% ofuser r ur t t sie daiys et n o he t lAver rends on Facebook i I ael143age num beroffin sr O ver450k user access Facebook on m obie i I ael sl n srO ver80% ofuser com e back t Facebook ever s oyw eek 18. I ael-O nlne Landscape:N ov 09 sri 25) Note: S ize of Bubble R epresents Total Time S pent per Month (MM Average Usage D ays per Visitor 201510 5 R each00 1020 30405060 708090100Sour C om scor N ov 09 ce: e: 19. D em ographi brc eakdow n -I aelsr Source: Facebook Internal Data, Jan 2010 20. Strong user engagement globally Facebook is part of the daily routine for users *Minutes 27*Visits 2.2Daily 57%Average minutesAverage visitsActive users per usage day per usage daylog in dailySource: Facebook, Dec 2009, *ComScore Nov 2009 21. O urAd Stat r egy Fr Tar ed R each t D rvi om get o i ng C onnectons i 22. Brands can focus in 3 key areas 23. Soci changes ever hialyt ng R ealPeopl Sharng and C onnectnge ii 24. Soci changes ever hialyt ng FromToTr tonalO nlneadiii Engagem ent 25. C om m uni i i m edi i shitngcaton n a s fi Facebook Ads Standard Ad Approach Align with user activitiesInterrupt user activity mins average session per visit 25 Shorter window of opportunity Become part of the conversation Communicate a message Ads as shareable, social currency Passive intake of Ads PULLPUSH 26. Tar ed R eachget D rvi t U seraw ay fomi ng he r Facebook 27. The O pporuniy:H om epage and ASU t t Homepage Ads: Standard and Engagement ASU Ads : Homepage Ads 1 per page: ASU Ads 3 per page Daily Users: 1.5m Monthly Users: 2.6m Daily Page Views: 15m Monthly Page Views: 3.5bn Monthly Page Impressions: 450m Monthly Ad Impressions: 10.5bn 28. Standar H om epage Ad d 29. Video H om epage Ad 30. D rvi Engagem enti ng Facebook adveri ng i abouttsi s En g a g e m e n t and Co n n e c t i o n s 31. Engagem entAds Encourage user t i er & shar youradveri ng s o nt acte tsiFan P Evo entllGif C om mtent 32. Soci changes ever hialyt ng Brand C om m uni i C hanges:Engagem entcaton 33. Engagem entAd f m at or s Encourage user t i er & shar youradveri ng s o nt acte tsi Fan AdG itng Ad fi C om m entAd EventAdPoli Adlng 34. Soci bral anding: di rbuton sti i Engagem entAdyour brand i pr m essi onengagem entorgani c i pr m ession connection 35. Reach Block: Multiply the effect Reach 100% of all targeted users in one day An efi entw ay t ser fci o ve i pr m essions t as m any user os (n yourt get as possi eiar )bl Logged-n user w ilsee your i s l ad up t fve tm es (r o i ifequency )cap I ael 1. ilon daiy user sr : 2m li l s, 4. m ilon i pr 6 li m essi ons guar eed antRe a c h b l o c kon 36. C r i a D i ogueeatngal t ough Fa c e b o o k hr Pa g e s 37. Facebook Pages A uni que di ogue bet een bral w and & audienceBR AN D Building connections is creating your own marketing channel YourFacebook Page alows you t devel deeplo opr atonshi w ih consum erel i p t sO nce you m ake a connecton,you can m essage ti hem w heneveryou wantFost a t way di ogueer wo- al An efi entway t r fci o each and shar i or aton wihe nf m it youraudience 38. U se W al t di rbut t fl o sti e o ans N ew sfeeds Brands & fans can di rbut t ,phot & vi sti e extodeo The W al i t prm ar l s he i y com m uni i t bet caton ool weenbrand & user U se adveri ng.tsit actvel drve yourf oi y i anbase t hen Postcont f tent or hem to i er wihnt act t 39. Tar ed W al Postng has lgetl iaunched Tar yourW al Postby county & lget lranguage The W al i t prm ar l s he i y com m uni i t bet caton ool weenbrand & user U se adveri ng.tsit actvel drve yourf oi y i anbase t hen Postcont f tent or hem to i er wihnt act t 40. C ust Tabs delverR i m edi experence omichai H TM L,Fl ash & Applcatons can be em bedded i o Tabsi intR i M edi Tabs can be used tchaodelvera wi varet ofcont ,ide i yent phot vi o, deo,pr otonal& om i com pettons t can be lnkediihati t diecty fom yourFacebooko r l rAds 41. Facebook atveAppsN i N atve Apps gener e si fcantor iat gniigani i prc m essi onsFavourtiePages App. Video App.C r es lnks eat i cor vie deo Phot App. ocor i ages e m Event f s or i porantmtdates 42. Anal i by Postytcs Track i pr m essions & i er int actons agai each Post nstAdm i ofPages can ns tack t i prr he m essions ser ved i users N ew s n Feeds & Li Feeds ve com bined w ih tt heengagem entr e at 43. Brand X Facebook C onver i satonalC al endar 2010 Janua Februa MarApMJuJu AuguSeptemb Octob Novemb Decemb ryry ch ril ay nelysterer er er ValentineEaster BankSchool Holidays Back toChristmass Day Holidays School Init iat i Them es,keyve m essages,m ajorevent sponsor ps s/shi Valentines Easter SummerBack toBonfire Virtual GiftBecome aHoliday SchoolNight ReachFan giveawayoffers Polling AdBlock competition campaign campaign Pu r c h a seInt entPhase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4fans 37,000fans 60,000 fans 80,0000 fans 100,000 Co n n e c t i Buidi consum erl ngel o n s ps r atonshii Ideas for family events, days out and in over the schoolHealthy ValentineX Factor eating holidays. Get users posting ideas and purchase through themedCelebrityideas & page polls (1XInterviews money off)per week vouchers on pageDi r e c t D rvi conver oni ng si Re s p o n s e 44. Besti C l n ass LocalG l/ obalpages achi ng evi success 45. .M a k e i t s o c i a l - l e v e r a g e t h e s o c i a l g r a p h 1. .M ake i engagi si pl and shar tng, m e eabl e.K e e p i t s i m p l e . 2 .I Iunder and som et ng,Im m or lkel t ty i f sthi e i y o r t.U t i l i s e T e c h n o l o g y . 3 .M ake use ofpl f m s and t atorechnology t sproead engagem ent Do n t u s e o l d m e t r i c t o d e f i n e s u c c e s s . .4 . TR i nott onl m eti ofsuccess C sheyrcAvoid t hink ing in silos and c am paigns on.5 Fa c e b o o k . . stat c devel a conver i Be r egiopsatonalcalendar 46. You can be soci t G r a f base al oo: ow an G r a Fan Base and Publshowi 47. You can be soci t G r a com m uniy al oo: ow t ) r a Fan Base and sel tcket ( O IG owli s R R oyalO per H ouse aengage a l gearniche com m uniy tand sel a l ge l aram ountoftcket t i s o.t s com m uniyhit 48. You can be soci t al oo U ser becom e cr or cr e new prseat s eatoducts 49. St bucks W ord Ai D ayarl ds Simultaneous Reach Blocks in 14 different territoriesUKEngagementAdsUK Page 150,000FansStarbucks have successfully created a global campaign for World Aids Day with a combined 5.5m fans across 14 PagesUsers can navigate & consistent redto their local Page promotions in each US Starbucks Pages from a custom tab 5.1m fansterritory 50. M cD onal I er ids nt natonal& l ocalGlobal Page combined with localised innovationUK Polling Ad Gherkin in or out? achieved huge engagement rate of+7%US & UK approach to UK campaignFacebook is quitepitches different, with UK different genratiing 250,000 fans productsacross several Pages vsagainstUS/Global Page on 1.4m eachother which is your Fans US/global Page allows users to Fan ?favourite their local franchise & receive special 51. Ben & Jerrys Free Cone Day Ben & Jerrys US/GlobalBen & Jerrys FranceBen & Jerrys ran the hugely successful Free Scoop Day inthe US before launching a network of global Pages with+accumulative Fans of 2m Katie OBrien, who helped oversee the ,campaign saidWe gave away 500,000 virtualcones and in real life we gave away !"about a million 52. Sk