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Comda GroupThe leading integrator of IT security solutionsWe do IT better!

Minister: Cheick Toure1

About Comda2


Company overviewThe Comda Group is composed of 4 companies:

3An Israeli leading IT Security integrator & Software developer since 1985, supplying cutting-edge IT security solutions

A public Certificate Authority (CA) licensed by the Israeli government

We stand for your ValuesA technology company, developing advanced digital signature solutions,focusing on highly secure qualified e-signature solutions for enterprises.

An EU regulated CA (QTSP in progress) with offices in London

QTSP = Qualified Trusted Services Provider3

4Vast experience in PKI and biometric projects Biometric solutions for IT and Access Control Solutions

Public Key Infrastructure projects for strong identification management

Cryptographic solutions including Smart Cards and HSMs

Cellular and Landline Network Encryption Forefront Identity ManagementDigital Certificates & Smart Cards

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)4

5Comda implements advanced solutions provided by leading brands, including:

Technology Solutions


Biometric Drivers License 6

An innovative solution for governments and road traffic authorities.

New era for driver licensing7Our unique biometric solution adapts to the specific needs of the drivers license market to enhance road safety while fighting identity fraudSecure Credential issuance with 3D Photo IDFace recognition technologyTM

Our cards and systems comply with ISO IEC/18013 international standards and European and US regulations.

Our cards and systems are designed to evolve with future market needs.

Thinking ahead8

We provide solutions to cover the wide-ranging needs of identity management programs, tailored to the customers specific needs.Matches the specific needs of governments and road traffic authorities9

Top notch solutions 10Our innovative technologies include cutting edge face recognition and anti-fraud features. The most accurate biometric algorithms rank in the World. (NI ST PFT test, 2010)

Facial recognition enables the applicants identity to be verified.

We can authenticate the person, i.e., check that the person is who she/he claims to be. This avoids identity theft.We can identify the person, i.e., check that the person exists only once in the database. This prevents anyone from having multiple drivers licenses.Biometric technology for a secure drivers license issuance process11

Analyzes the 3-dimensional structure of an individuals face, thereby significantly enhancing performance. Accuracy, Speed, Robustness12

13An invisible near-infrared light pattern is projected on the users face

Camera captures distortions in the pattern caused by the faces surface

The precise 3D geometry of the face is calculated with over 40,000 points

Unique facial features are extracted and stored as a template in the database (enrollment phase) or are used to match templates already stored in the database


Our solutions conform to the latest standards in terms of security and applications.

Beyond the standards We enable you to use the largest cryptographic keys, including elliptic curves up to 521 bits. This permits identification, online authentication and electronic signatures with maximum security.

We comply with ECC Specifications, Common Criteria EAL 5+ security certification for drivers license Applications, and the ISO/IEC 18013 standard for drivers licenses.Standards and security14

We offer a choice of card bodies to meet a variety of needs regarding lifetime and personalization modesBased on the smart card (ID1 format) form factor. Various materials: Polycarbonate, TESLIN & PET.Contact or contactless modes.Specific inks and state-of-the-art secure printing.Flexibility and adaptability15

Smart card applications implemented in the card post-issuance process:Demerit point managementCar insurance certificateCar inspection certificateToll fee paymentParking paymentApplications for end-users16

3D Photo ID is the most advanced Card Technology today .It reinforces biometric verification.

It includes a laser engraved 3D portrait as a superior first line security feature obvious at a glance and easy to validate.

This technology is very difficult tocounterfeit and inherently establishes ownership between the card and the rightful cardholder.

And more.State-of-the-art printed security features - 3D Photo ID 17

Electronic Drivers License 18

eDL is the most common technology and it is wildly used by authorities across the world to combat fake driving licensesA preferred solution across the world19

Electronic Drivers License19

An eDL verifies the identity of a driver and his/her entitlement to drive and use a vehicle.

It is designed to reduce identity fraud by ensuring that the document can be validated visually and electronically to match the identity of its holder.

Security and confidentiality 20

The solution is composed of identification systems, electronic authentication, and digital signature elements that ensure the accuracy and level of security required to meet the needs of governments and road traffic authorities.Robust technology that meets the challenges of fraud, abuse and errors21

eDL technology is used as a multi-purpose identity document.One card Many uses22For example, in Mexico and Australia, eDL is usedto prove identity, age and access in traffic checks,opening bank accounts, and ID control.


Smart card technology has been adopted in everyday usage (banking, SIM cards, passports, e-prescriptions).

To the user, smart cards represent a secure, trusted, convenient, and effective way to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Raising expectations 24


Using a secure technology to issue a digital driving license can:

Improve public safety on roadsSlash identity fraudImprove the operational efficiency of back office proceduresFacilitate the creation of accurate databases

Changes lives! 25

Electronic cards for very strong authenticationIsraeli Electric Corporation (IEC) 26

Case Study

IEC is a government company, the sole supplier of electricity for the State of Israel.Its activities include: generation, transmission, distribution, supply, and sale of electricity.The IEC serves 2.48 million households. It has 13,000 employees, 5,000 external contactors, and 12,000 visitors every year.It has 10 remote power supply locations all over Israel.



28CMS Project BenefitsStrong authentication for IT systems.During card issue, the system performs automatic data retrieval from the HR system (SAP), security system (APAC), AD and MS-CA.The new system is 5 times faster than the old one.20 cards issued per minute.Various cards can be issued (employees, sub- contractors, visitors, weapon badges, ex-employees, etc.).Remote personalization at each power supply station.

SAP = SystemAnalyse und Programmentwicklung, System Analysis and Program developmentAPAC = Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing ??AD = Active Directory ??MS-CA = Microsoft Certificate Authority28

Card Enrollment Smart Card29

Choose PIN The Password is personal and needs to follow complexity rulesCard owners type their own PIN

PIN = Personal Identification Number29

Full card area printingTwo side printing color or black & whiteAuto feedMagnetic stripe Contact or contactless smart cardsBarcodeLamination unit190 cards per hour (300 dpi)

Print and encode Smart Cards30


dpi = dots per inch30


Employee smart cardSub Contractor smart card


The Project32

2 year projectPersonnel included 6 Comda employees: project managers, developers and system integrators5,000 man hours invested in totalBudget of 1 million US$ so far


Biometric Case Studies33

The Bank of Israel34The implementation of Comda Biologon. Bank of Israel workers can access their workstation by means of fingerprint only or fingerprint with OTP if accessed from home.

OTP = One Time Password34

Requires a biometric fingerprint login by Technical Support personnel on every desktop or remote desktop at the bank.

The project included integration with L1/Sagems DFR500 scanners and Comdas Biologon server using the Biologon SDK of L1.

The system operates on a 2008 Microsoft Server.

First International Bank35

SDK = Software Development Kit35

Biometric fingerprint login for employees to remote desktop stations using Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).



Bnei Brak Municipality


Bezeq International37

Get fingerprint template from biometric reader connected to station Send template to Bio service running on Bio service IIS using HTTP protocols Validate template with other Bio templates stored in AD under user's schema After successful validation , retrieve user password, encrypt it, and send it encrypted to the station Check user credentials using VMware to view client Continue SSO process as planned

AD = Active Directory37

Biometric fingerprint identification for prisoners going on vacation and returning

The system connects to the Services central database for conclusive prisoner identification

The system has been used in numerous prisoner / terrorist exchange procedures



They ask for a site license and do not want to pay and install each license separately

Israeli National Prison Service38


Biometric fingerprint identification for all applicants to unemployment monthly payments

2,000,000 users (citizens)

250 terminals across all cities in Israel

Israeli Employment Ministry



Comda can provide state of the art e-DRIVING and smart card licensing systems.Comda can integrate with a local company to deploy a license issuance system all over the country.Comda can deploy an advanced biometric system that identifies citizens and provides strong authentication.Comda will use top notch solutions and products available on the market to make sure you get the best system to meet your specific needs. Comda has 31 years of diverse experience in this field!



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