2014 Shenzhen Visiting Factory Tour

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This is a report for 2014 April Shenzhen factory tour after Maker Faire Shenzhen. This document includes metal factory / molding factory / PCB factory / assembling factory. 2014年4月のMaker Faire Shenzhenの後に行われたFactory tourに関するレポートです。

Text of 2014 Shenzhen Visiting Factory Tour

  • 1.Shenzhen visiting 2014 Report 0. Self introduction 1. Maker Faire Shenzhen (under preparation) 2. Factory tour (this document) 3. Hacker spaces (under preparation) Okada, Takahiro Shenzhen okada.takahiro111@gmail.com This is a report for Shenzhen factory tour after Maker Faire Shenzhen. I removed product photos, but if you nd any problematic photos, please kindly contact me (okada.takahiro111@gmail.com)

2. Self introduction Takahiro Okada ( ) - okada.takahiro111@gmail.com - facebook : /takahiro.okada1 - - 20144 - http://www.ux-xu.com/ - - http://www.slideshare.net/kopanitsa/kopanitsa-portfolio-201309 - work in Tokyo - From 2014 April, working in Yukai Engineering. - http://www.ux-xu.com/?language=en - portfolio - http://www.slideshare.net/kopanitsa/kopanitsa-portfolio-201309 3. Seeed Studio Seeed Studio Seeed Studio is an open hardware facilitation company based in Shenzhen, China. 4. Seeed Studio In Seeed, Many engineers, project managers, designers, quality managers, and manufacturers. 5. Seeed Studio Inventory. They produce, stock and ship by themselves. 6. Seeed Studio 3D Tech Space Hacker area. There is milling machine and 3D printers to make prototypes. 7. Seeed Studio 1 In oce, Seeed have chip mounter and reow furnace. So they can produce their products in their oce. 8. Seeed Studio Electric circuit xtures. Some of them are developed by themselves with micro controllers. 9. Metal plate / spring factory 10. Metal plate / spring factory milling machine 4 CNC wire working machine. 11. Metal plate / spring factory Create springs from wire. CNC 12. Metal plate / spring factory Machines to bend plates. Used by senior engineers. 13. Metal plate / spring factory Final validation and packaging, maybe. 14. PCB factory 15. PCB factory Etching in large tanks. 16. PCB factory Printed circuit is come from tanks. 17. PCB factory Many masking lm. 18. Circuit work factory 19. Circuit work factory CNC Circuit boards are divided with CNC drills. 20. Circuit work factory Verifying circuit to conrm no shorting etc. 21. Circuit work factory Failed circuit is xed just after validation. 22. Die and mold factory 23. Die and mold factory CNC Creating die with CNC and electric spark machine. 24. Die and mold factory Die. 25. Die and mold factory Die is assembling. 26. Die and mold factory Molding with owing plastic to die. 27. assembling factory Tablet developer http://www.keenhi.com/en/index.aspx 28. assembling factory Many test machines to conrm durability etc. 29. assembling factory There are many chip mounters and ovens. 30. assembling factory Final assembling and packaging