Are You a Smart Aleck? SmartList Designer vs SmartList Builder

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Andrew Kampwerth does through the similariies and differences between Dynamics GP SmartList Designer and SmartList Builder


<ul><li> 1. #GPUGsummitAre you a Smart Aleck?SmartList Designer vs SmartList Builder</li></ul> <p> 2. #GPUGsummitIntroduction Presenter: Andrew Kampwerth Application Consultant at Sikich LLP Sikich is a leading accounting, advisory, technology andmanaged services firm. Contact Information: 12655 Olive Blvd, Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63141 314-275-7277 akampwerth@sikich.com2 3. #GPUGsummitAgenda3 History of SLB and Designer Features Comparison Chart First Hand Look Whats Next 4. #GPUGsummitHistory4 SmartList Designer was released with GP2013 SP2 (FREE) Enhanced with GP 2013 R2 SmartList Builder is one of the most popular(if not THE) add-ons for Dynamics GP Periodically switched hands, but is now ownedby its original creator, eONE Solutions 5. #GPUGsummitFeatures SmartList Designer5 Accessed by clicking NEW on the SmartList window Built on a very intuitive UI Extremely user friendly Displays tables using in an easy-to-find manner Allows user to create simple calculated fields Can preview the data before releasing into production Modify default SmartLists Deploys with a simple click on OK, without having to update a cache SmartList Splitter! 6. #GPUGsummitFeatures SmartList Builder6 Very robust capabilities Allows user to pull data from any SQL table or view Can link up to 32 Dynamics GP tables together Create multi-company (or database) SmartLists SQL Scripting Feature Create complex calculations, restrictions, and Go-Tos Table Finder Search by GP window, field name, or value Convert SmartLists from Designer to SLB Beyond purchasing SLB, you also receive Excel Report Builder and Navigation ListBuilder 7. #GPUGsummitComparison Chart7Feature SmartList Builder SmartList DesignerCreate new SmartLists Yes YesModify default SmartLists Yes NoLink tables Yes YesCombine work, open and history tables Yes NoUse SQL Views as tables Yes YesUse SQL Tables as tables Yes NoUse SQL Scripts as tables Yes NoUse SQL objects from other databases Yes NoUse Extender resources as tables Yes NoUse SmartLists as tables Yes NoCreate Go Tos Yes NoAdd fields to display by default Yes Yes 8. #GPUGsummitComparison Chart Contd8Feature SmartList Builder SmartList DesignerAdd fields as available but hidden by default Yes NoString formatting Yes NoDate formatting Yes NoEdit list items Yes NoDisplay numbers as currencies Yes LimitedDisplay variable decimal places Yes NoDisplay numbers as percentages Yes NoDisplay numbers as negative Yes NoDisplay account indexes as accounts Yes NoDisplay note indexes as notes Yes NoBulk edit field settings Yes NoCalculated fields Yes LimitedRestrictions Yes Limited 9. #GPUGsummitComparison Chart Contd9Feature SmartList Builder SmartList DesignerMulti-company SmartLists Yes NoSummary SmartLists Yes NoReorder columns Yes NoPreview data Yes YesPreview SQL Script Yes YesList level security Yes NoTable level security Yes NoRecord level security Yes NoFunctional security Yes NoCreate Excel Reports Yes NoCreate Navigation Lists Yes NoCreate drill downs Yes NoTable finder Yes NoImport and export setup Yes NoDuplicate lists Yes No 10. #GPUGsummitFirst Hand Look10 11. #GPUGsummitWhats Next Microsoft has stated that they plan tocontinue enhancements to SmartList Designer Next major release is GP 2015 in Q4 eONE plans to deliver a web/mobile version of SmartLists todisplay your SmartList Builder lists. Accessible through a tablet or phone using a browser Additional new features: Create custom folders in SmartList,select fields to total in Excel Reports, Subtotals in Excel Reports11 12. #GPUGsummitQuestions?What Have You Learned? What Can You Share? </p>