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<ul><li> Welcome To The World of Embedded Computing With BeagleBone Black </li> <li> Arduino </li> <li> Atmel328 Specifications (Arduino) Flash 32 Kbytes RAM Pin Count 28 Max. Operating Frequency 20 Mhz CPU 8-bit AVR Max I/O Pins 26 USB Interface No 2 Kbytes </li> <li> Beagle Bone Black </li> <li> AM335x Specificaions (BeagleBone) Flash 2GB RAM Pin Count 96 Max. Operating Frequency CPU 32bit ARM Max I/O Pins 65 USB, Ethernet 512MB 1 Ghz </li> <li> Very, Extremely, Outrageously POWERFUL Can Run UBUNTU, FEDORA, ANDROID Can support multitasking, multithreading A small, portable full fledged computer. </li> <li> Check Out The Following </li> <li> Pin Out </li> <li> Linux GNOME desktop. PYTHON, makes programming very easy. provides standard libraries. Library name PyBBIO rary-on-beaglebone-black/installation </li> <li> BOW WooooW Let's Get Started !! </li> <li> First Time Setup SSH into the Bone ssh root@ password: root Update Time use, ntpdate -b -s -u Download the Adafruit Library opkg update &amp;&amp; opkg install python-pip python-setuptools python-smbus pip install Adafruit_BBIO </li> <li> Pulse Width Modulation Remember!! PWM is NOT Analog Signal!! </li> <li> Servo Control Servo control is independent of frequency We use frequency of 60Hz </li> <li> Further Reading For Beginners For Intermediates For Gurus AM335x TRM </li> <li> Chirag Nagpal SE Computer Engineering Army Institute of Technology, Pune India th 5 February 2014 </li> </ul>


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