CloudFront 소개 및 데모 – 이수형 수석 (Solutions Architect), 아마존웹서비스코리아

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2013 10 8 COEX "Amazon CloudFront " Lunch & Learn .


  • 1.CloudFrontLunch&Learn InKorea NickLee( ) |Solu:onsArchitect|

2. AGENDA Why do you need a CDN? Amazon Cloudfront Introduction Architecting with Amazon Cloudfront Amazon Cloudfront Features Amazon Cloudfront Case Studies Amazon Cloudfront Demo Amazon Cloudfront Benefits 3. WHY DO YOU NEED A CDN? 4. Rising consumption of content for longer time across an ever-growing range of devices Expectation for excellent performance no buffering, loading or delays Explosion of online video consumption Limit storage and delivery costs Increased global broadband penetration requires serving a widely dispersed audience Industry trends & common challenges for content providers 5. AMAZON CLOUDFRONT The AWS Content Delivery Solution 6. CloudFront EdgeLoca:ons S3bucketor customorigin withcontent Data transfer of cached content to end user (if cached) End-user requests content Data transfer of content to CloudFront edge location to cache Cached copies of objects If content not cached object requested from origin 12 3 4 Request routed to most optimal edge location How CloudFront Works: Non-Cached Object 6 7. How CloudFront Works: Cached Object 7 CloudFront EdgeLoca:ons S3bucketor customorigin withcontent Data transfer of cached content to end user (if cached) End-user requests content Cached copies of objects 1 2 Request routed to most optimal edge location 8. CloudFront in a Nutshell Low latency: Improves content load times High bandwidth: Enables high bit rate HD video and other bandwidth-heavy applications Redundant: Eliminates single points of failure Scalable: Ensure great experience as number of end users grows Global: Worldwide network provides great experience regardless of geography Cost-effective: Pay as you go model provides flexibility for your business 8 9. Need: Scalability 9 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:00AM11:00AM12:00PM 1:00PM 2:00PM 3:00PM 4:00PM 5:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 9:00PM VolumeofData Delivered(Gbps) Peak usage over 60 Gbps Example: Video banner ad customer 10. thecloudprovidesabeHerway instant elasticity no upfront capital expense extensive partner ecosystem complete platform of services to support hosting, processing, storage and delivery global infrastructure 11. ARCHITECTURE Where does Amazon CloudFront figure in the AWS platform? 12. Compute Storage AWSGlobalInfrastructure Database AppServices Deployment&Administra:on Networking AWSPlaOorm 13. Compute Storage AWSGlobalInfrastructure Database AppServices Deployment&Administra:on Networking ContentDeliverySolu:on 14. Globalinfrastructure Compute Storage AWSGlobalInfrastructure Database AppServices Deployment&Administra:on Networking AWSusesaSuper-POParchitectureforourCDNnetwork, withlargeredgeloca:onsstrategicallyplacedatinternet exchangepoints(IXPs)toenablemoreecientcache storageandquicktransferbetweenISPs 15. Ver:calScaling From$0.02/hr Elas:cComputeCloud(EC2) Compute Storage AWSGlobalInfrastructure Database AppServices Deployment&Administra:on Networking LowCost Mul:plepricingop:ons,payonlyforresourcesused ElasHc Easilyscaleup&downautoma:cally Secure SecureanddurabletechnologyplaOormwithindustry- recognizedcer:ca:onsandaudits HighlyAvailable Highlyreliableservicesandmul:plefault-tolerantAvailability Zones IntegratedwithCloudFront In-RegionDataTransferenableslowercostthanS3/RRS+any otherCDN 16. SimpleStorageService(S3) HighlyScalableObjectStorage Unlimitedstorageofobjectsofanytype MulHpleStorageOpHons LowercostswithReducedRedundancyStorage(RRS)by storingnon-cri:cal,reproducibledataatlowerlevelsof redundancy Reliable 99.999999999%durabilityforS3 99.99%durabilityforRRS Secure SecureanddurabletechnologyplaOormwithindustry- recognizedcer:ca:onsandaudits HighlyAvailable AccessthroughCDNordirectly IntegratedwithCloudFront In-RegionDataTransferenableslowercostthanS3/RRS+any otherCDN Compute Storage AWSGlobalInfrastructure Database AppServices Deployment&Administra:on Networking 17. ObjectsinS3 PeakRequests: 1.1million+ persecond 99.999999999%Durability 2.9Billion 14Billion 40Billion 102Billion 262Billion 762Billion 1.7Trillion 2.Trillion Q42006 Q42007 Q42008 Q42009 Q42010 Q42011 Q42012 Q22013 18. London Paris NY CloudFront Compute Storage AWSGlobalInfrastructure Database AppServices Deployment&Administra:on Networking FastGlobalDelivery Worldwidenetworkofedgeloca:ons Topperformance,asdenedbyinternal,3rdpartyand customertes:ng EasytoUse ViaAPIorWebConsole WholeSiteDelivery Accelera:onforsta:canddynamiccontent AWSIntegraHon OnepieceacompleteplaOormofcloudservices TransparentLowPricing Mul:plepricingop:ons 19. FEATURES 20. Key features commoditised for one flat price Static and Dynamic HTTP delivery HTTP/HTTPS File Delivery Live and Video on Demand Adaptive Bitrate and RTMP Streaming Low Minimum Content Expiration Periods (Zero seconds) AWS Management Console Support Full control via APIs Programmatic/Console Invalidation Industry-compliant, detailed Access Logs Private Content for Increased Security Price Classes for Cost Optimization Cookie Support 20 Amazon CloudFront 21. Whole site delivery Support for acceleration of static (images, video, css, js, etc.) and dynamic content AWS provides What do content providers require of a CDN? Elastic Load Balancing Amazon CloudFront Dynamic Content Amazon EC2 Static Content AmazonS3 User to CloudFront Routing based on lowest latency CloudFront to Origin TCP Optimizations Persistent connections Network paths monitored for performance 22. Dynamic Content Support 22 Dynamic content is the interactive or personalized portion of a website, created on-the-fly for each end user News Weather Sports Social media Advertising Travel 23. Dynamic Content Support Simple DIY configuration with web console No consultants to hire, No proprietary languages to learn Simple to Use Connections to AWS regions closely monitored Standard AWS resources (like CloudFormation) Designed to work with origins in Amazon EC2 AWS Integration No additional charges or set up fees Pay only for requests and data transfer Low Cost Mul:pleCacheBehaviors,MinimumExpira:onPeriod Mul:pleOriginServersOriginConnec:onProtocol, QueryStringParameters ViewerConnec:onProtocol CookieSupport Features 24. CASE STUDIES 25. byDevsistersusingS3&CloudFront Problem LimitedITopera:onresourceandunknownrequirementsfor bandwidthsandrequests SoluHon UsedS3forallitspatchesandothersta:ccontents.Used CloudFrontedgetoacceleratethedelivery. BusinessBenets MovingtoS3+CloudFrontresultedinanimproved performance&availability 26. Problem NeedtoreduceITcostsfornewapplica:on SoluHon AWSslow,pay-as-you-gopricing&reliableservices Witheveryusersrequest,theSmartHubapplica:on authen:catesdevices,deliversappsandcontent,and pushesno:ca:onsacrossmul:pledevices BusinessBenets Opera:onaleciencies,conver:ngcapextoopex,new revenueopportuni:es Samsung runs its Smart Hub application on AWS, saving $34M 27. NASAJPLDeliversContentfromMars Problem Amassivesuddenincreaseinwebtracwasexpectedforlive coverageoftheMarsExplora:onRoverCuriositylanding SoluHon NASAJPLu:lizedAWStosupportwebsite,imageandlive videodeliverytohundredsofthousandsofcurrentvisitors BusinessBenets Opera:ngthemars.jpl.nasa.govwebsiteonAWSallowed NASAJPLtobroadcasttheirmessagetotheworldandprovide anexcellentexperienceforanonlineviewingaudiencelarger thantheOlympics 28. UseofAWS UseAmazonCloudFronttoservegamedownloadstousers acrosstheglobe BusinessBenets Amazon.comsVideoGamesDownloadStoreusedCloudFront toimprovedownloadperformanceandtheoverallcustomer experience TesHmonial DeliveryviaAmazonCloudFrontallowsyoutodownload videogamesandquicklyasyourbroadbandconnec:on allows.Customersusingahighspeed,broadbandinternet connec:oncanseeuptoan8xincreaseindownloadspeed. Video Game Downloads accelerated through CloudFront 29. AWSReliableInfrastructureMakesItEasiertoFocusonOtherTasks Problem Higherrorratesandperformanceissueswiththeirexis:ng CDNprovider SoluHon MigratedthemajorityofPBSvideostoAmazonS3storage anddeliveredthemviaAmazonCloudFront BusinessBenets MovingtoS3+CloudFrontresultedina50%lowererrorrate andimprovedperformance VideoTesHmonial hHp:// AswithalltheAWSservicesweleverage,usingAmazon CloudFrontissosimpleandreliablethattheteamdoesnt havetothinkaboutit.Italljustworks,freeingustofocuson buildingcoolapplica:ons. 30. EarthNetworksreducescost,butnotperformance UseofAWS EarthNetworksusesAmazonCloudFrontsdynamiccontent featurestocustomizetheuserexperiencebydistribu:nglocal informa:ontomillionsofusersinnear-real:me. BusinessBenets Savedover50%inCDNcostsandan:cipates20%reduc:onin EC2origininstanceswithoutanyreduc:oninperformanceor needtowritecustomcode. TesHmonial WithCloudFrontsstrongperformance,easeofuseand exibility,ourteamcanusetheAPIortheconsoletoquickly makechangestoourCDNcongura:onandseetheupdates withinminutes.Andwiththelowcostofdeliveringdynamic contentusingCloudFront,weexpecttoseesignicantcost savingsaswell. 31. DEMO 32. London Paris NY CloudFrontWholeSiteAccelera:on Simpletouse DIYcongura:onwithWebConsoleorAPI Noconsultantstohire Noneedtowritecustomcode AWSIntegraHon DesignedtoworkwithoriginsinAmazonEC2 Connec:onstoAWSregionscloselymonitored StandardAWSresources(likeCloudForma:on) CosteecHve Noaddi:onalchargesorsetupfees Sameratesfordynamicandsta:ccontent 33. London Paris NY ContentDeliveryArchitecture SingleCNAME 1 ServedfromEC2 /php/*.php 2 ServedfromS3 /images/*.jpg 3 34. 2011, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. Amazon Whole Site Delivery for Websites Delivery of your entire website via CloudFront Fast performance using reliable AWS network connections Simple, self-configuration using API or Management Console Cost-effective with no minimum commits or required long-term contracts Client to CloudFront connections: Routing based on lowest latency Persistent connections TCP optimizations CloudFront to origin server connections: Persistent connections to each origin Concurrent requests collapsed to a single origin request Connection to AWS origins over Amazon monitored networks CloudFront Edge Locations: Multiple layers of caching inside each edge location Mobile Clients Browsers/Desktop Clients Tablets/Devices minTTL = 86400 query strings = false cookies = none trusted signers = false viewer protocol = allow-all *.jpg Amazon S3 minTTL = 0 query strings = true cookies = phpsessid trusted signers = true viewer protocol = allow-all *.php Route 53 minTTL = 900 query strings = true cookies = all trusted signers = false viewer protocol = allow-all /ads/* Route 53 Custom Origin Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Alternate AWS origin configuration Route 53 with Latency Based Routing EC2/ELB in US East (N. Virginia) EC2/ELB in EU West (Dublin, Ireland) EC2/ELB in AP Southeast (Singapore) Optional component CloudFront Route 53 35. LiveandVODStreaming Supportforalldevicetypes HTTPprotocols-HDS,HLS,SmoothStreaming RMTP(VODonly) Simpletocongure Livestreamingstackmanagedthrough CloudForma:onscript VOD-upload.vtoS3,streamviaRTMP Flexible Fullcontroloverstreamingoriginenablesfreedomto enableandconguresupportedfeatures 36. Static Content Delivery " S3 Static webpage without a webserver demo " Route53 for DNS setup A-records and CNAMEs " CloudFront Static content delivery Dynamic Content Delivery " Elastic Load Balancing, Mutliple origins, Multiple behaviors, Invalidation support " Bonus demo by REDLAB Live / VoD streaming with CloudFront Demo Setup and Demo 37. ThankYou. NickLee( ) |Solu:onsArchitect|