Creating Great Analog Souvenirs for a Digital Era

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Slidedeck from Ryan Bigges March 11, 2013 talk at SXSW about analog souvenirs and physidigital objects: Online and offline worlds are now melting together. But life in the cloud lacks the permanence of paper, which is why were starting to lose significant emotional moments in the digital ether. In response, artists and brands are creating analog souvenirs. Learn how to convert fleeting texts and tweets into physidigital keepsakes through a mix of research, design thinking and creative inspiration. Audio for presentation available at Ryan Bigge is a Content Strategist at Nurun Toronto. He blogs about analog souvenirs at


<ul><li> 1. HELLO, SXSWCreating Great AnalogSouvenirs for a Digital EraRyan BiggeMarch 11, 2013@biggeidea</li></ul> <p> 2. Can I borrow a feeling?Every great analog souvenir should evoke anemotional response or meet an emotional needVisit for image sources 3. Evan Roth solitaire.exeWindows 98 4. Instaprint 5. Photoshop in real life 6. Alan Belcher 7. 8. Let me clarifyphysidigital is a physical manifestation ofa digital experience 9. Let me clarifyphysidigital is a physical manifestation ofa digital experienceanalog souvenirs are a specific type ofphysidigital object or experience 10. TomHaverfordsreal lifePinterestboard(Season 5 Episode 4 ofParks and Recreation) 11. old is the new newThe future of interactivity involves a picture of ahamburger on a corkboard. Ryan Bigge 12. old is the new newThe future of interactivity involves a picture of ahamburger on a corkboard. Ryan BiggeThe next decade is going to be about healing thedigital-physical divide by pulling bits back into theworld of atoms. Wired 13. The plan Why are analog souvenirs so popular? Philosophical and artistic motivations Personal tips and insights Using analog souvenirs to drive retail innovation 14. Analog souvenirsWhy so popular? 15. Pantonecalendar 16. zzydigitalphysidigital sounds like fizzy digital 17. zzydigitalphysidigital sounds like fizzy digitalfizzy digital fuzzy digital 18. dematerializationAll that is solid melts into zeros and ones 19. rematerialization 20. Facebooksanalog lab 21. Analog souvenirsA bit of theory 22. PolaroidCacher 23. Beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissectingtable of a sewing machine and an umbrella. 24. Hybrid thoughts Dada collage Surrealism Druids vs. Engineers (Paul Saffro) Nathan Jurgenson vs. IRL Fetish Reverse skeuomorph 25. SXSW 2013 comrades The Paradox of the Cloud Digital Reality: Life in Two Worlds Re-imagining Toys: Merging the Physical and Digital Physical and Digital Collide: Retail Rewired Embracing Analog: Why Physical is Hot Are You a Digital Hoarder? Analogue Anonymous Meetup 26. Analog souvenirsWhat Ive learned 27. 28. 29. MakerFaireToronto2011 30. The Brototypes:Ryan Bigge Ron Wild Dylan Reibling Edwin Lara 31. Lymbix emotes Affection Enjoyment Amusement Contentment Sadness Anger Fear 32. physical manifestation ofdigital experience 1.0Photo courtesy of 33. physical manifestation ofdigital experience 2.0Photo courtesy of 34. behold txt2holdPhoto courtesy of 35. Lesson #1Do your research 36. Sweet emotion Baby announcements Birthday wishes Romantic messages 37. Lesson #2Test in the real world 38. tweet2holdNuit Blanche2011TorontoPhoto courtesy of 39. Photo courtesy of 40. NuitBlanche2011TorontoPhoto courtesy of 41. Lesson #3Idea selects the technology 42. Paper holds a memory.John Guppy, Toronto Origami Society 43. Lesson #4You are not yourtarget audience 44. Jake Barton is smartThe broader you go with your work, the simpler itneeds to be.People can be more interesting than technology.--Local Projects | 45. Lesson #5Accumulation is a powerfulaesthetic toolVideo about tweet2holds physical data visualizationproject for Social Media Week Toronto 2012: 46. Lesson RecapDo your researchTest in the real worldIdea selects the technologyYou are not your target audienceAccumulation is a powerful aesthetic tool 47. Analog souvenirsEnhancing in-store retail 48. Nurun digital 49. Improving in-store 50. An app for 51. Evernote Smart Notebookby Moleskine 52. Looking for inspiration?physidigital.comIncludes links to all material referenced in this slidedeck 53. Resourcesphysidigital.comtxt2hold.catweet2hold.comnurun.comnew-aesthetic.tumblr.comRobin Sloan, Dance the Flip-Flop Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas</p>