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  • 1. Advanced tech support was offered along with her new internet bundle. She chose the bundled offer to ensure peace of mind. A month later: My tablet is not synching to my smartphone glad I have tech support. Hours later: Installing the app for my new security camera should be simple where is that number for tech support? Several months later: Why cant I connect my sons new tablet to the printer? POP ADVANCED TECHNICAL SUPPORT YOUR BRAND HERE POS 1 32 CUSTOMER 1 PEACE Of MIND CUSTOMER 3 DO IT YOURSELFER CUSTOMER 2 DO IT YOURSELFER SALE A DIY newbie, he thought about, but declined the advanced tech support offer when he bought his new laptop. At home, he self-installs and all is well. Passionate about DIY, he declined the advanced tech support offer when purchasing his home security system. Weeks later: After submitting his online product registration, he receives an email offering advanced tech support. MAXIMIZE REVENUE Offer Multiple Purchasing Options for Advanced Tech Support The Internet of Things, including the connected home, is increasing the complexity of technology environments. This drives a broad scope of new and heterogeneous tech assistance & support needs. By partnering with PlumChoice, you can enable a positive customer experience and maximize revenue by merchandising advanced tech support both at point of sale and point of need. 2014 PlumChoice, Inc. All rights reserved. See trademark registration information. Visit or click here for questions, comments or inquiries POP = Purchasing options