Environmental problems

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2. VOCABULARY ENVIRONMENT CLIMATE CHANGE GREENHOUSE GAS ACID RAIN EFFECT - SULFURIC ACID COMPONENT COMPOUND - NITROGEN - TOXIN - 3. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: Climate change Ozone depletion Pollution 4. It's everywhere... All over our planet. It makes people, other animals and plants sick. It's climate change. 5. CLIMATE CHANGE GlobalwarmingGreenhouse gasFossil fuelsSea level rise Acidrain 6. Global warming The major cause of global warming: Theburning of fossil fuels like oil and coal cause greenhouse gases to escape into the air Deforestation (cutting down trees). 7. The Greenhouse Effect is the phenomena where gases in our atmosphere trap heat from the Sun and keep the Earth warm. When operating naturally, the Greenhouse Effect keeps Earth's climate relatively stable. 8. Acid rain Acidrain is made when sulfur compounds react with water and the oxygen in the atmosphere to create a sulfuric acid solution. There'smore acids that can be made in the atmosphere and fall as acid rain but they are much less common. Thebiggest component by far is the sulfur compounds. 9. How Acid Rain Affects People? People can become seriously ill, and can even die from the effects of acid rain. Many can find it difficult to breathe, especially asthma patients. Asthma, along with dry coughs, headaches, and throat irritations can be caused by the sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides from acid rain. 10. Acid rain can be absorbed by both plants and animals (from things they eat and/or direct contact). When people eat these plants or animals, the toxins inside of their meals can affect them. Brain damage, kidney problems, and Alzheimer's disease has been linked to people eating animals/plants. 11. POLLUTIONS Airpollution Water pollution 12. Air pollution The sources of air pollution: Anthropogenic (caused by humans activity)Mostly related to burning different kinds of fuel. They include: Dust bowlIndustrial activity in general.CoalPaint fumes, or other vapors.Aerosol spray 13. Natural VolcanicactivityDust from natural sources, usually large areas of land with little or no vegetation Gases, such as methane, emitted by the digestion of animals, usually cattle. Smoke from wildfires. 14. Water pollution A thing you don't see so easily which comes out of factories, farms and cities is the water pollution. This is the stuff that get dumped into streams, into rivers, into lakes and into seas. 15. HOW WE COULD SOLVE THE PROBLEMS? 16. PEOPLE are the cause and they will have to try and STOP IT... Especially you STUDENTS, because the FUTURE IS YOURS..! 17. THANK YOU FOR THE ATTENTION..!