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IBM Presentations: Smart Planet Template

BusinessConnectSeize the Moment19 October 2015

Mobilitet p riktigt

Richard Trojmar Mobile Solution LeadKalle Dettner Enterprise Social Software

2015 IBM Corporation

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


Mobile FirstIBMs satsningarDen digitala arbetsplatsenSamverkanstjnster

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment




2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

The first question we need to ask is Why are you creating apps?

Is to be a me too because your competitors are?

Is it because you want to:Increase RevenueReduce CostsOr Add Value

Can you be there when you customer has a mobile moment?4


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

The mobile moment the point at which the most obvious thing is for your customer to reach for their mobile device to engage with you.2005 - In this image we can see the announcement of Pope Benedict in St. Peters Square in 2005 click to show second image.2013 Just 8 years later we can see how the people are capturing the mobile moment for Pope Francis.

Let me take you on a journey to share my first mobile moment5

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


Fyra stora paradigmskiftenBack-OfficeComputingClient-Server PC - 1981World Wide Web and eBusinessConfluence of Mobile, Social, Cloud, Big Data / Analytics 90s80s60sVi r hr!



Between 2007 and 2012 there were 1M Apps created in totalBetween 2012 and 2013 there were 1M new Apps created

That means it took 5 years to create the first 1M Apps and only 12 months to create the second million!! 5 times as fast.

Its fair to say theres been an App explosion


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

I put apps into 3 basic categories:

Throw awayAs the name implies, I found the app to be useless for any number of reasons, and deleted it. Depending on how disappointed I was, I may or may not provide feedback in the app store.9



2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


Apple and IBM are addressing an enormous opportunity to transform how enterprises think about and apply mobile solutions across their organizations.

iOS is the gold standard for mobile OS within the enterprise. Apple has tremendous momentum around the world with businesses changing how their employees work across industries. It started with email, calendar and contacts and then moved into general productivity apps and then further into the enterprise with transactional apps to improve sales processes, field service interactions, patient interaction and so much more.

In fact, iPad, iPhone and amazing apps for business are extending the capabilities of enterprise to solve a whole spectrum of problems from simple everyday tasks to complex work flows.

What were excited about is the huge opportunity to take iOS even further into the enterprise. And it starts with allowing the iPhone or iPad to talk to the multitude of back-end systems that run enterprise companies, creating a whole new generation of apps that will fundamentally change how business gets done. Apps that change the economics of the business because they take full advantage of the rich array of big data and analytics resident in back-end infrastructures. Apps that are built for mobile first and redesign business processes and customer interactions right at the point of engagement.

So our joint mission is to redefine mobility by developing an entirely new generation of mobile apps that access the power of all the data and information across the entire organization and provide relevant analytics accessible anywhere the employee may be, with an engaging intuitive user experience on a device that employees love to use.

Were ready to take this journey with you -


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


As we talked about at the top of this presentation - iPhone and iPad are driving momentum in enterprises around the world. Business professionals love using iPhone and iPad because theyre so easy to use and intuitive. And IT is comfortable with scaling iOS devices across their networks because the platform is so secure and reliable.


Couple the core competencies of both Apple and IBM and youve got an unprecedented mix of amazing mobile technology and wide-spread enterprise expertise.

IBMs deep understanding of analytics and enterprise systems coupled with the security, reliability and power of the iOS platform is the formula for this new wave of mobile apps. This has never been done before at this level. And something only Apple and IBM can deliver with this level of scale, quality, and user experience.

App Playbook

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

These native iOS apps are ready for your enterprise.

About 70% of the app will have standard, prepackaged components, which allow for rapid deployment and integration into the enterprise.

Its the remaining 30% that will make the app unique and specific to each companys mobile strategy.

IBM will optimize the value of each app for every enterprise to give you a competitive advantage. In order to transform, the app has to reflect your companys unique client environments and tie back to your business goals and objectives. Your data and analytics differentiate you from your competitor.

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


The Blueprint" r vrt periodiska system

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


Mobile integration is really tough.

Mobile Devices

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

The fact is mobile integration is really tough.

Legacy systems and middleware werent designed for a mobile world, and the complexity is mind-boggling.

Its more than just a technology problem business processes must also change to take advantage of mobile.

Business leaders have to think differently or theyll never build an app that crosses the legacy PC world into the modern era.

And so, transformation hits a roadblock. Companies are struggling to build mobile apps that take advantage of their rich intellectual property and get it into the hands of employees.

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

When we analyse an app we can use a tree analogy. The user sees the pretty bit above the ground but the complexity is hidden below the ground in the root system. Its this that supports and feeds a strong and healthy tree.

You have to have strong roots to support a tree, any weakness here will affect the tree. The same is true for an app poor security, slow access to systems of record, inability to scale on demand will all affect the mobile moment, no matter how great your user interface is.

Having the ability to measure performance and utilisation, build a robust and reusable security and integration model, scale on demand, manage app related operations, understand user sentiment, accelerate testing and automate your deployments will enable you to continue to focus on that engaging user experience.

By doing this many companies can refocus their app development budget so that 70% is channelled into delivering an engaging mobile moment.

Id like to leave you with a parting thought.18

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment

Were so excited about the potential of these amazing apps.

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


Mobile Mashup

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


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2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


All publicerad information av en anvndare r tillgnglig via ProfilenKontakt info, kunskap och erfarenhet, CV Presenterad och skbar via ProfilenKommunicera med personer och kollegor direkt frn Profilen


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Mobile & Web

2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment


Richard Trojmar IBM MobileFirst och Karl Dettner IBM Social Business ger en rapport frn apparnas verklighet och den skillnad i utfall de sett beroende p prioritetsordningen mellan design, funktion och anvndarvnlighet. Men ven att den stora vinsten finns att hmta frn en lyckad integration som mjliggr frflyttning av intelligens ut till den mobila anvndaren


2015 IBM CorporationNr.Seize the Moment