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  1. 1. ISO 9001:2008 GERMAN CERT ISO 14001:2004 GERMAN CERT (INNO-BIZ) . ISO-9001:2008 ISO-9001:2008 ISO-9001:2008 ISO-9001:2008
  2. 2. Filter Filter . 1961 Air Filtration 2000 Engine All Filtration System , . , . . We, Hankwang Enterprise, are one of the market-leading filter manufacturers in Korea and have dedicated our best effort to creating pleasant equipment operation environment as well as providing optimal filtration solutions through sustained challenges and untiring innovation initiative. Under our corporate philosophy pursuing eco-friendly and human-oriented technologies with the best quality, we are always putting our customers first to satisfy and exceed their expectations. Since Hankwang Enterprise launched its business in 1961, it has demonstrated an unrivalled presence as an innovative air filtration solution provider, and maintained its strong market positioning by constructing all filtration system for heavy equipments and large-size engines since 2000's. Especially, Hankwang Enterprise has accelerated its strong drive for customer impression and value creation through internal innovation processes as part of recent global growth strategy. To be a strategic business partner to our customers, all executives and employees of Hankwang Enterprise will stay committed to fulfilling corporate and customer objectives by developing new technologies and maintaining the best quality of products in a constant, professional and faithful manner. PROFILE HANKWANG ENTERPRISE.CO.,LTD.
  3. 3. Established Korea Manufacturing Laboratory for Filters Oil Filter, Air Filter (1675, 2771) Acquired Utility Model Patents of Diesel Locomotive Oil Filter & Automotive Air Filter (Patent No. 1675 & 2771) Registered Trademark of 'Elephant' Changed Company Name to Hankwang Enterprise Incorporated Business as 'Hankwang Enterprise Co., Ltd.' Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. Air Filter Account Registration , ISO9001 Developed Localized Products for Cummins Supplied Approved Products and Obtained ISO9001 Certification , Registered as Qualified Equipment Maintenance SVC Provider for KEPCO Obtained Product Approval & Made Supply Agreement with MAHLE Donghyun Filter Systems () Selected as Prospective SME in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province Governor) , ISO14001 Supplied Gas Turbine Air Filter to Seoincheon Power Div. of Korea Western Power Co., Ltd., and Obtained ISO14001 Certification Obtained Product Approval for Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd. and Registered as Official Supplier Supplied Gas Turbine Air Filter to Incheon Thermoelectric Power Plant Green Filter Developed Localized Green Filter for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (), (INNO-BIZ) ( ) Obtained R&D Partner Accreditation by KOITA (Korea Industrial Technology Association) and INNO-BIZ Accreditation by SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration) Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Air Filter Account Registration Filter Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Construction Equipment Filter Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Account Registration Filter AIR FILTER Zyle Daewoo Bus Corporation Bus Filter Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd. Air Filter Account Registration Air Filtration Filter Filter Filter Filter Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. EngineIndustrial Vehicle Filter Cummins Filtration Korea Co., Ltd. Heavy Equipment Filter MAHLE Donghyun Filter Systems Co., Ltd. Heavy Equipment Filter Inlet Air Filter LG POWER Supply of Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filter for Power Plant Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. Korea East-West Power Co.,Ltd. Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd. Korea Southern Power Co.,Ltd. LG Power Co., Ltd. 1961. 03 1962. 02 1967. 09 1977. 07 1986. 09 1993. 03 1998. 06 2000. 04 2002. 07 2008. 01 2009. 06 2009. 12 2009. 04 2012. 01 2014. 05 PARTNER HISTORY
  4. 4. OE Filters Meeting OE Specifications High Dust Holding Capacity Maximization of Engine Power Type of Polyurethane Molding Perfect Housing Sealing Maintaining High Elasticity Uniform Filter Wrinkling by Best Pleating Technologies Optimization of Filter Efficiency Maximization of Filter's Life Expectancy Testing In Accordance with ISO5011 Standards Securing Product Reliability Verification of Filter EfficiencyLife Expectancy AIR FLOW 0.3 ~ 50 /min (10 ~ 1,760 CFM) PLEATING ISO5011 TEST AIR FLOW 0.3 ~ 50 /min (10 ~ 1,760 CFM) FILTER MEDIA SEAL PLEATING TEST PERFORMANCE () www.element.co.kr
  5. 5. Air Maker Type Remark HYUNDAI R110-7~R200W2 Element 11D7~R180LC7 R1300W3~R250LC7 HL750-3~HL760 R555M~HSL810 HL770-7~R450LC3A HL720-3C~R450LC3A R300LC9~R500LC7A HL760-7~HL770 R2800KLC HB100~HL7360-7 Air Breather HL780-7A~HL780 15D~25G-7A R55~HSL850-7A HB100~HDF-50-7S HL730-9~R220LC9 HL740-9~250DE HL770-9~R520LCH R15-7~R35Z9 35D~110D7E R8000LC7A~R800LC9 R140LC9~R180LC9 DOOSAN Solar15plus~DX18 Solar030plus~DX30 DX55~DX80R DX140LC~DL250TC DX300LC~DL500 Moxy MT25~31 Solar330-3~DH280 DH180~Mega200-3 Solar70-3~DH50 D35S-2~D50SC-2 Solar220LC3~DH130W Solar225LCV~DH131W G25-2~G255 D30GX~D20GX BusTruck Air Bus Maker Type Remark HYUNDAI 900 Element AERO ~ RB540 ~ County ~ DAEWOO BUS BS106, BH117 Radial Seal Truck HYUNDAI 1Ton Poter Grace Element 1Ton Poter2 Bongo3~Euro4 E- 5Ton ~ 8Ton 11~15Ton ~ Cabin Filter Oil Filter Cartridge Filter Hydraulic Filter BusTruck Air Truck Maker Type Remark TATA DAEWOO ~23Ton Element 5Ton~23Ton Novus Element Cabin Filter SSANGYONG Benz SAMSUNG 15Ton DAF DAF Truck Element VOLVO FM ~ FH12 SCANIA Truck BENZ Bus, Truck IVECO Bus, Truck ASTRA Truck TOYOTA Truck GMC Truck CATERPILLAR Dump Truck Oil FilterCartridge Oil Filter Maker Type Remark HYUNDAI E- ECO ECO ECO 1~2 Element By-Pass, Full Flow 1~2 Bus, Truck DOOSAN D2366T, V365T Bus, Truck Cartridge HYUNDAI (Oil, Fuel) Element TATA D2366T, DE12/T, GE12TI Spin On Cummins Eng DE08TIS, GE08TI, BM090 , (Oil, Fuel) DL06S~DL08S DV11S, DV15T, V365T Solar280LC3~MEGA300 ~400-3 solar170-3~Solar290LCV DX140LC~DX255LC VOLVO A25D~A40E EC360B~EC700B A25F~A40GFS SCANIA Oil, Fuel HYUNDAI Bus DAF DAF Truck Element Hydraulic Filter HYUNDAI DOOSAN VOLVO Suction Filter Hydraulic Filter Return Filter Pilot Filter
  6. 6. 304-21 Tel. 031-959-7070 / Fax. 031-959-7075 Address : 304-21 Hwahap Rd. Beobwon-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea Phone. 82-31-959-7070 / Fax. 82-31-959-7075 www.element.co.kr Global