Lika products catalogue for wind generator industry - Japanese version

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Lika Electronic confirms its continued commitment to developing position measurement & control systems technologically advanced and tailored to solve even the specialised and individual requirements of increasingly fragmented and dynamic markets, offering a new range of linear and rotary encoders specifically designed for installation in safety and feedback control systems of wind turbines. This catalogue shows the wide range of rotary and linear, optical and magnetic, incremental and absolute singleturn & multiturn encoders that Lika Electronic, thanks to its solid and proven experience in wind power industry both on and offshore, has especially developed to tackle critical tasks and harsh conditions affecting each specific application in wind generators. They do not only encompass high quality, heavy-duty sturdiness, outstanding dependability and absolute safety which are the trademark of Lika Electronic, but also keep up with trends and even anticipate the high-level requirements of a sector where technological advancement is continuously and rapidly evolving.


<ul> <li> 30.000 PPR </li> <li> E D I 1 </li> <li> MH58S SMAG IP67 4096 cpr/ 0.1, 0.05, 0.01, 0.005 mm 4096 cpr x 4096 SSI SSI 4-20 mA 0-10 V . -40C + 85C . -40C + 85C SMAG 1 IP67 MI36 MC37 </li> <li> HMCT MI36-MC37 10mm IP67 65536 cpr x 4096 2048 PPR I 16384 PPR SSI Push-Pull (HTL) 10-30Vdc SSI + / Line Driver (TTL) 5Vdc SSI + BiSS (B &amp; C-) . -40C + 85C . -40C + 85C . -40C + 125C </li> <li> Encoders for Gearless Motors C100 C101 I115 , - M23 M23 E 1024, 2048, 2500 PPR 1024, 2048, 2500 PPR 10000 PPR (HTL) 10-30Vdc (HTL) 10-30Vdc (HTL) 10-30Vdc (TTL) 5Vdc (TTL) 5Vdc (TTL) 5Vdc Lika (HTL+TTL) 5-30Vdc Lika (HTL+TTL) 5-30Vdc Lika (HTL+TTL) 5-30Vdc . -25C + 85C . -25C + 85C . -25C + 85C -40C +100C -40C +100C -40C +100C </li> <li> I116 SMRI + MRI, - 12 IP67 10000 PPR 90000 PPR (HTL) 10-30Vdc (HTL) 10-30Vdc (TTL) 5Vdc (TTL) 5Vdc Lika (HTL+TTL) 5-30Vdc . -25C + 85C . -40C + 85C 2 -40C +100C R ()C100/C101 10KVEDI , C101 I11x I115 I116 300m </li> <li> Contact Lika Electronic Via S. Lorenzo, 25 36010 Carr (VI) Italy Tel. +39 0445 806600 Fax +39 0445 806699 eMail - Local distributor Quantum Design Japan 171-0014 2-40-13 3F Ikebukuro Duplex Bs 3F, 2-40-13, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014, Japan Tel: 81-(0)3-5954-8570 Fax: 81-(0)3-5954-6570Edizione 0112WIND-J eMail: </li> </ul>