MobiCloud Transport Webinar series June 2013 - Swedish

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Uppkopplad medarbetare i kollektivtrafiken: konsten att utnyttja mobil, moln och kontext fr att leverera bsta mjliga service.


  • 1.Exempel inom transport ochkollektivtrafikPresenter: Peter MelanderWebinarThe Collaborative Mobile Cloud Application Platform for Business

2. mnen Utmaningar och lsningar MobiCloud - vision Hur MobiCloud-tekniken hjlper Frgor och svar 3. ven revisorn Frstudie: Underhll av fordon Underhll av spr ochinfrastruktur Trafikledningens frmgaatt slppa p trafikProjektledare Monica Rupprecht HjortPgende granskningar Statens roll i jrnvgssystemetBakgrundPunktligheten fr tgtrafiken har // frsmrats frn 92% till 89% Bidrag till frbttringEnterprise App Storesforts 4. Sweeping Changes (Gartner) Rise of tablets 80% of businesses will enable workforce on tablets BYOD, CYODBy 2014, 90% of organizations will support corporate applications onpersonal devices Enterprise storesBy 2015, 60% of organizations will use private app stores to deliverbusiness apps on media tablets and smartphones Rise of socialBy 2015, 10% of your online friends will be nonhuman Information ComplexityContext-aware computing is a game-changing opportunity forenterprises and CIOs ..Context - Next level of SOA (CODA/Gartner) 5. Mobile Devices - A Rapid Pace of Change Goal: Devices should be transparent tools to access business data Rugged devices (expensive) Being replaced by consumer devices (cheaper, more powerful) BYOD and CYOD Complexity and volume of Applications Constant change (Firefox OS, Google Glass, ..) New features and capabilities to be integrated Proximity sensors, eye tracking, biometrics, NFC .. 6. Cloud Impact Larger mainframes replaced by cloud Enables smarter strategy supporting smaller teamsand approaches without Big Integrator costs Cloud and Mobility together driving seismic shift inindustry structures e.g. Telco, OS (e.g. Microsoft),Device (e.g. Blackberry, Nokia) 7. Changing needs of mobile worker Perceived Blurring of IT and Mobility Separation of Work and Home Enterprise Mobility not just Mobile Office How to access data easily via laptop, desktop,PDA?Workforce Mobile IT Challenges Large IT vendor systems slow to adapt Mobility requires a different approachsupporting rapid change Lots of experimental projects underway Need more cost effective route to supportmobility projects 8. 1st Generation Mobility Solution to voice & paper communications Increase visibility & control Minimize manual paper based work Increased efficiency Improved customer satisfaction However - some challenges for implementation Training overhead Adoption by workers Employee satisfaction 9. Next Generation VisionFirst Generation MobiCloudDeviceNetworkApplicationAll behind the firewall, on-siteenterprise implementationsHybrid Cloud Model Cloud basedwith secure back office (e.g.ERP) accessSmartphones, BYODMultiple OS & form factorsApplication SilosCollaborative Apps,Information mash-upDedicated Windows MobileDevicesDynamic, Context-aware dataIntuitive, Ergonomic UICross PlatformCloudContextStatic dataClunky user interfaces 10. Drivers for Enterprise MobilityA point solution provides mobile access tobusiness processes for greater productivitySecond point solutionMobile AppServer 1Mobile AppServer 2?Mobile AppServer 1Mobile AppServer 2Mobile AppServer 3Multiple point solutions complexity, lack of control, limited reuse, datasynchronisation issues, problems with workflow priorities, security, .. 11. Drivers for Enterprise Mobility?A point solution provides mobile access tobusiness processes for greater productivitySecond point solutionMobile AppServer 1Mobile AppServer 2Mobile AppServer 1Mobile AppServer 2Mobile AppServer 3Multiple point solutions complexity, lack of control, limited reuse, datasynchronisation issues, problems with workflow priorities, security, ..Mobile AppServer 2Mobile AppServer 1A point solution provides mobile access tobusiness processes for greater productivity Second point solutionMultiple point solutions complexity, lack of control, limited reuse, datasynchronisation issues, problems with workflow priorities, security, .. 12. Drivers for Enterprise MobilityMore than 50% of the application code is spent connecting to the backend web service, retrieving the data and managingthe local device databaseA point solution provides mobile access tobusiness processes for greater productivitySecond point solutionMobile AppServer 1Mobile AppServer 2DatabaseBackend Server1Backend Server2Backend Server3MEAPMobile AppServer 1 13. MobiCloud ProjectVision: Bridging the Enterprise Mobility Information GapEC Research Program: CIP ICT-PSPBudget: 4.46M EurosDuration: 14. Backed by the European CommissionFounding partners 15. Cross-platformCross-platform development reduces time and development costs formobility projects. 16. A Cloud-Based Mobility Platform allows you to efficiently Manage andDistribute your Apps through your own corporate app store.Cloud 17. ContextContext enables your apps to become smarter and easier to use.Right InformationRight UserRight PlaceRight TimeUse context to decide whichapps are usable when, for who,on what device and to whatextent, and how ... smartdistribution 18. MobiCloud Enterprise AppstoreIT Challenges and ObjectivesCustomer EmployeesProjectDeliveryReliability andDependabilitySafetyValue andSustainabilityEmployee Appstore 19. MobiCloud Application ScenariosRailConstruction Field ServiceCity Transit 20. Rail Use Case - Svenska Tgkompaniet ABScenario Train drivers, train conductors andplatform staff need to shareoperational messages with thecommand & control centre in real-time for safety & maintenance(fault/incident reporting), customerservice (traffic disruption updates),compliance (delay reporting and faultattribution), energy efficiency (eco-driving), Mobile Remote Stock Monitoring andManagementRail Underhll av fordon 21. Construction AppstoreScenario 1 : Maintenance Maintenance engineers need toaccess specific asset information,receive tasks and report theircompletion.Scenario 2 : Construction Site engineers need to performsafety audits, and ensure that theyhave the proper certification andtraining in order to perform certainassignments.Construction Underhll av spr ochinfrastruktur 22. City Transit AppstoreScenario City Transit mobile crew of thedispatching centres and platform staffwho need to share operationalmessages with the command &control center in real-time for safety(fault/incident reporting), customerservice (traffic disruption updates) KVV City Transit Karlsruhe, Germany- Multimodal Transport OperatorCity Transit Trafikledningens frmga att slppa p trafik? 23. 23A Challenging Contract - ExampleKPI - Lt faktahmma denfria debatten Demanding SLA-contractbetween SL (PTA / LeadContactor) MTRS (Operator) Organization-wide KPIs Excessive need of reporting Design SLAs, KPIs, apps anddigital time stamps in the fieldthat support continuousimprovements Add ability to conduct ownMTRS surveys 24. Supporting business successEx: MTRS services to SL StockholmTrafficMaintenance&DepotoperationsCustomerenvironmentsCustomerserviceSLA/KPIareasSecurityPunctualityCleanliness of stations andtrainsCustomer service attitudeAvailabilityCustomer SatisfactionCostCreate operationalefficiency in all areas &servicesQualityCreate optimalperformance and ratingsin all areas & servicesTimeCreate mobile timestamps- as raw-data for feedingKPI & SLA measurementMobile Data, digital time-stamps andEnterprise App Stores supports theContracted Party (e.g. TOC) and theContract Owner (e.g. PTA) inexecuting and managing in all areas& services- Design SLAs, KPIs, apps and digital time stamps in the field that support continuous improvements 25. Bakgrund Tgkompaniet Svenska Tgkompaniet AB bildades 1999 fr att vinnaupphandlingen av Sveriges nattgstrafik till och frn vreNorrland.Idag:o 5 miljoner resor per ro 350 anstlldao 350 miljoner omsttning 26. verblick Kompis 2.0 (AIQ8) Frn en enskild telefontyp till alla plattformar:o Frn en specifik WM6 telefon till alla telefoner p Android eller iOS! Frn kostsam intern IT till hosting i molneto Frn fysiska servrar till molndatao Frn klientinstallationer till webbgrnssnitt Skalbart till maxo Fler appar (Incidenthantering etc.)o Fler plattformar (iPAD mfl.)o 10.000+ anvndareEn framtidssker lsning med Kompis 2.0 27. verblick Kompis 2.0 (AIQ8) Anvndargda telefoner (mjligt) Fretagsgt datao En app inuti en appo Separering mellan arbete och fritid/privato Std fr anvndargda telefoner (BYOD)o Std fr kontextbaserad distribution 28. verblick Kompis 2.0 (AIQ8) Tidtabeller via Trafikverkets UTINo Uppfyller krav frn myndighet Omloppsrapportering via Trafikverkets OPERAo Uppfyller krav frn myndighet Skaderapportering mot FORDo Uppfyller krav frn fordonsgareo Berikas med bildhanteringo Webbaserat och mobilt std Verkstadsgrnssnitto Anvndare i verkstder ges begrnsad tkomst och funktionalitet 29. Lsningens arkitekturMobiCloud Integration APIMobiCloud PlatformMobiCloudClient APITgkompanietKustomiseringarAndroid, iOSTgkompanietWebbgrnssnittFORD(Incident Reporting)Trafikverket(Live Traffic Information)Active Directory(IT Back Office)MobiCloudCloud-hostedMobility Platform 30. Varfr en hybridklient?tkomst Prestanda Kostnad App StoreGodknnande-processNativeHybridWebFullstndigFullstndigMycket snabbSnabb till mktsnabbverkomlig Tillgnglig Endast delvisTillgngligDyrt fr multiplaplattformarTvingande (iOS)Begrnsad Snabb verkomlig IngenEj tillgnglig 31. MobiClouds Hybrida ModellHTML5 App HTML5 App HTML5 App Tillgng till hrdvara Tillgng till kommunikation Offline-support Portabel affrslogik Portabla vyerAppear Native behllare 32. Tgkompaniet Project Awards 20132013 WinnerEuropean User Awards for Networking2013 WinnerCommunications Mobility Solution ofthe Year2013 Finalist2013 Finalist 33. MobiCloud Sammanfattning Framtissker mobilitetsplattformo Molnbaserado Fretagsinriktado Context-aware Frdiga lsningaro Vertikala marknadsplatsero Interna vs publika appstores Snabba upp utvecklingsarbeteto Frdiga mallar fr appso Suport fr Cross-plattform & Nativ