Mobile Impact 101: Taking Your Cause Mobile

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There are now more cell phones than toothbrushes, and as of 2013, smartphones surpassed regular phone sales. But what are the implications for your nonprofit, and how can you craft a mobile impact strategy to advance your programs, fundraising, and work overall? Join us for a quick, FREE primer and leave with a checklist of the most important tips and tools for your cause. Learning Objectives: Quick, effective, and practical primer on all aspects of mobile for good: its applications for nonprofits; how to effectively launch your mobile presence; and tips and tools for implementation. Specific insights include Why mobile presents a huge opportunity for any nonprofit Planning for success and tips for building a mobile website, apps, text to donate campaigns, social media integration, and analyzing & optimizing campaigns Tips for maximizing mobile fundraising Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.


<ul><li>1.Mobile Impact 101: Taking Your Cause Mobile ! 7/2/14 1pm EDT ! Darian Rodriguez Heyman </li></ul> <p>2. Your Presenter 3 Darian Rodriguez Heyman BetterWorld Wireless ! Darian is the former E.D. of Craigslist Foundation, Co- Founder of Social Media for Nonprofits, the only conference series devoted to social media for social good, and the best-selling author of Nonprofit Management 101 (Jossey-Bass). ! He currently serves as Co-Founder &amp; Chief Development Officer of BetterWorld Wireless, which serves U.S. nonprofits with calling, texting, and data plans powered by Sprint, and donates a free phone or tablet to women and girls in need for every customer. 3. @dheyman Why Mobile? Getting off the Ground Tips &amp; Tools Agenda 4. @dheyman Why Mobile? 5. @dheyman Copyright 2013 Church in Restoration 6. @dheyman 7. @dheyman 8. @dheyman 9. @dheyman 10. @dheyman Fundraising: Capitalize on New Channels ! Advocacy: Mobilize the Masses ! Marketing: Amplify Your Voice ! Volunteer Recruitment &amp; Management ! Program &amp; Operational Efficiencies Mobile Impact 11. @dheyman Getting Off the Ground 12. @dheyman Planning for Success Mobile Matrix Staff Donors Volunteers Clients The Public Revenue Efficiency Communication Service Form Follows Function 13. @dheyman Getting Creative 14. @dheyman Mobile Websites Text to Donate Mobile Apps Social Media Integration Staffing Considerations Mobile Analytics Getting Off the Ground 15. @dheyman Website vs. App 16. @dheyman 2013: Smartphone Sales Tip Step One: Benchmark Current Traffic Step Two: Mobile Detection Link to Full Website The Party Already Started Cross-Platform Integration is Key Mobile Websites 17. @dheyman Accessible via Any Browser Real-Time, Recurring Gifts Possible CRM Integration GPS Integration QR Codes Feed Traffic Mobile Websites 18. @dheyman 19. @dheyman 20. @dheyman 21. @dheyman User Friendly &amp; Simple Minimum $5 - $10 Donations No Recurring Gifts 30 90 Day Wait Mobile Revenue ~5%, But Doubling Text To Donate 22. @dheyman Website 1st ; App 2nd Marketing &amp; Approval Are Key Cross-Device Development Android, Apple, Windows Real-Time, Recurring Gifts CRM Integration Plan on Updates Mobile Apps 23. @dheyman Ensure Content is Easily Sharable via Mobile Post Mobile-Friendly Links Make Sure Pinned Posts Are Mobile Relevant Social Media Integration 24. @dheyman 25. @dheyman Mobile Users Share Double 26. @dheyman Mobile is Marketing, not Tech Plan for Updates! Divide the Work, Esp. Social Editorial Calendars are Key Staffing Considerations 27. @dheyman Watch Mobile % of Traffic Beware Conversion Rate Dips High Bounce Rate = Slow Load Mobile Analytics 28. @dheyman Mobile Analytics 29. @dheyman Tips &amp; Tools 30. @dheyman Focus on Adding Value to Searchers Remember the 2 Second Rule Donate Buttons: Top &amp; Bottom K.I.S.S., Esp. Donations: 1 Call to Action Photos &amp; Videos Rule (Beware Text) Be Generous with White Space Mobile Impact 101 31. @dheyman Limit Scrolling w/ Expansions BIG Buttons: 30x30 Pixels+ Space Out Hyperlinks Google Analytics Mobile Perf. Report Leverage QR Codes at Events Preview Emails on Mobile Tues/Weds/Thurs 11am/2pm Mobile Impact 101 32. @dheyman 33. @dheyman 34. @dheyman 35. @dheyman Google GoMo Resource Review 36. @dheyman Mobile for Good, Heather Mansfield Resource Review 37. @dheyman Resource Review 38. @dheyman 39. @dheyman The Average Age for a 1st Cell: 13 40. @dheyman Thank You! 40 Darian Rodriguez Heyman Co-Founder (415) 659-8953 41. ! ! ! July Webinars: ! Susan Black, CFRE Help! They Want Me To Fundraise! ! Mazarine Treyz Getting More People To Open Your eNewsletter </p>