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This project was a culmination of two years of study at ITT-Technical Institutes\'s Bessemer, AL campus for an Associates degree in ITCNS (Information Technology Computer Network Systems). It was a team project of 7 members with the goal of designing a network solution for a fictional medical practice consolidation of 5 doctors in a company named Radiant Medical Services.


1. Radiant Medical Services, LLC Proposed Network Solution By: Greenbox Network Solutions 2. Project Consultants Bridgette Ellis Project Leader Brenda Jefferson Network Solutions Consultant Richard Rumley Network Design Specialist Tyler Foster - Network Solutions Consultant Andrew Shepherd Risk Assessment Specialist Eugene Walker Network Solutions ConsultantPatrick Bolling Network & Web Design Specialist 3. Purpose Resolve five doctors issues Provide better service to patients Zero impact to normal business operations 4. Project Context The doctors at Radiant Medical Services desire network access to all office locations. Another requirement is an upgraded system allowing seemless access to patient medical records. The doctors office hours are 7am-9pm daily depending on when the doctors in. With this new upgraded system they shall need to increase their staff to allow for projected growth. Physical security must be provided in addition to complying with current HIPPA laws. They also need a backup plan for disaster recovery on the central site. 5. Project Deliverables Each office will need a LAN design that will be incorporated into the WAN design. These designs will: Provide the ability to provide information on each patient as well as communications abilities between all locations.Meet all necessary security and disaster planning in regards to all relevant HIPPA requirements at a reasonable cost. TimelineDetailed timeline outlining all phases and works to be completed. 6. Primary Business Objectives Our primary business objectives are defined within two categories: 1 provision of a high-quality, fully functioning network solution for the doctors and patients of Radiant Medical Services, LLC that will meet all their requirements successfully. 2 To design, plan, implement, and test this network solution successfully in such a way as to be a financial asset to both Radiant Medical Services, LLC and Greenbox Network Solutions. 7. Secondary Business Objectives All of our secondary business objectives are designed to assist in the successful completion of the primary ones, as previously listed, such as: Successful achievement of the network design plans and pre-testing using network simulation software. Complete the purchase of all equipment and supplies necessary to complete the project within all budget and timeline parameters. Successful setup and initialization of all network equipment and connections including all software packages. Successful testing and initialization of all business software including vital updates. A successful training program for all appropriate employees and the doctors on the new computer systems and software programs. 8. Goals & Objectives 1 stObjective: A comprehensive network design that will incorporate all submitted requirements and allow for projected growth. 2 ndObjective: Comprehensive and full detail plans for all network connections including all configuration, network, and other necessary settings. 3 rdObjective: Construction of a complete plan of action to allow each doctor to conduct business as normal without disruption to the staff or patients. 4 thObjective: The construction of a realistic and detailed timeline that will be goal oriented and geared toward a successful completion of the proposed network solution. 9. 5 thObjective: Detailed plans for the purchase, storage, & transportation/delivery of all necessary equipment and supplies to the appropriate locations within all specified cost parameters as contained within the proposed budget. 6 thObjective: The actual implementation of all the above plans including all the proper documentation by the onsite personnel during this phase of the project. 7 thObjective: Final testing of all installed hardware, software, and network connectivity. Final Objective: Initialization of the entire network and any last minute configuration adjustments to have the network up and operating within all specified ranges. 10. Scope Specifications Key Highlighted Specifications: High-level plans for the proposed network design to be constructed in the provision of a network infrastructure to connected all 5 office locations. Provision of all necessary configuration settings for all computer systems and network devices. A comprehensive action plan for the installation process that will allow all five office locations to conduct their normal daily business operations. The creation of a highly detailed timeline for the successful completion of the proposed upgrades and network. 11. Purchasing, procurement, storage, and delivery of all equipment and supplies that will be involved in the upgrading and installation process. Provision of all necessary personnel for the successful completion of the project. Provision of full diagnostic testing of all equipment, network connections, and software packages. The replacement of all dot-matrix and low-end printers at all five office locations with network enabled printers. All computer systems (hardware & software) will be upgraded (replaced) with newer equipment and up-to-date versions of necessary software as per submitted requirements. 12. Specifically addressed requirement scope specifications per remote & central office locations will include: Additional servers, workstations, and other necessary hardware & software The LAN at the central office location will be upgraded as specified Software to be installed per workstation: Microsoft Office Email client software Web browser Network connectivity to centralized patient information, billing, & insurance claim applications, and the Internet. 13. Configuration of all network connections to allow for high-speed communications at all 5 locations with proper security measures in place to secure all data. ISP recommendation A comprehensive system for data backup ensuring full disaster recovery. Connectivity redundancy Full detailed documentation furnished Guidance/advice on full-time IT department staff versus contracted IT management service Guidance/advice on use of wireless systems Guidance/advice as to VoIP technology Network use and new software training provided to all appropriate Radiant Medical Services, LLC personnel. 14. Out-of-Scope Specifications Key Highlighted Specifications: Provision of security personnel and other physical security measures that lie outside of our control Security of all data and backup media outside of our possession during implementation of solution prior to transfer of that data to the new system Work delays caused by unforeseen events such as natural disasters or states of national emergency that no specified contingency plan has been constructed for Construction, addition, or provision for any office furniture necessary to house or support new network hardware or cabling requirements outside those specified within the submitted documents. 15. Extra training of Radiant Medical Services, LLC staff on network administration, configuration, and installation issues or other such issues not specified within our proposal. Provision of IT management services other than those necessary for successful completion of the proposed network solution. *Special Notice Regarding both Scope Specifications & Out-of-Scope Specifications: For more detailed information please refer to provided scope document under those sections respectively. 16. Assumptions Fifty percent of projects total cost due prior to implementation phase of project. Remaining portion due upon completion under Net30 terms. Radiant Medical Services, LLC will have no more than 30 days that will include weekends and holidays to pay the remaining balance.Any overflow or additional costs (including labor costs) will be added to the Net30 terms and due as above. Any hardware or software delivered on-site requires a sign-off by authorized employee of Radiant Medical Services, LLC. Client then assumes all liability for the item's) delivered and sign off on. 17. Risk Analysis Regulatory Risk Deadline for project is non-negotiable Target company software needs are non-negotiable, but compatibility issues may arise when new software is implemented. Technological Risk Some employees of Radiant Medical Services, LLC might be resistant to the upgrading of their materials. Since new equipment will be more robust, chance of security compromise will be greater. Potential exists for hackers to compromise internal network and obtain confidential information if security guidelines are not followed. 18. Operational and Financial Risk Due to current economic situation, it is possible that needed materials will be harder to obtain. In the declining economy, materials purchased at the outset of project could potentially cost less at time of completion. 19. Stakeholder Radiant Medical Services LLC Patients of Radiant Medical Services LLC Greenbox Network Design Resent College Graduates &Undergraduates Share Holders Community-At-Large 20. Recommended Project Approach Scope documentation System overview (specification) Design Implementation Integration Maintenance 21. WAN Topology 22. Now we will take you to the website we have designed to give you a more visual and interactive feel for what our company will bring to your business. 23. Cost Matrix 325000 Total Project Cost 187713.73 Labor137286.27 Sub Total 297 5 Server RoomCable LadderCable Ladder230 5 Server RoomWall MountsCeiling Hanging Kit7500 5 Server RoomNT TransportCisco Pix-520 Firewall 369 100 Facility / Server Room NT TransportCate6 Plenum Cable Jacks8970 5 Server RoomWall Mounts24 Port Patch Panels117.5 50 Facility Wall Mounts8 Port Face Plates50 50 FacilityWall MountsSingle Faceplates21480 24 (5) Facility / Server Room NT TransportCate6 Plenum Cable3813 2 Server RoomServer Terminal Single Rack LCD Monitor and Keyboard 346.36 2 Server RoomNT Equipment MountKeyboard Sliding Shelf442.64 2 Server RoomNT Equipment MountRack20965 7 Server RoomNT Traffic Cisco 10/100 Router24645 7 Server RoomNT Traffic Cisco Catalyst Switch10800 3 Server RoomServer System Max Server454.93 7 Printer RoomNT PrintingLinksys Print Server1049.95 5 Server RoomWireless Connection Cisco Wireless Router38000 50 Office Workstations Office PCsOptiplex 740 Mini Tower11999.5 50 Office WorkstationsManagement Software Microsoft Office1599.92 2 Server RoomServer Software Windows Small Business Server Price QuantityLocation Function Description 24. Concluding Remarks We will gladly take any questions you may have at this time. Thank you for your attention and consideration of our proposal. 25. Supporting Documents LAN Logical Network Diagrams Floor Plans Cabling Diagrams 26. Radiant-Central LAN 27. Radiant-North LAN 28. Radiant-East LAN 29. Radiant-West LAN 30. Radiant-South LAN 31. Radiant-Central Floor Plan 32. Radiant-North, East, West, & South Floor Plan 33. Cabling Diagram (All Location) 34. Cabling Drops Diagram