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Fourth presentation in a summer tutorial series about Social Media. Brief overview of online review sites such as Yelp!, social bookmarking and aggregators/RSS readers.


<ul><li> Online Reviews/Opinions &amp; Social Bookmarking Social Networks </li> <li> 25 Million people on site each month Yelp! Elite Businesses can claim their pages Can include a Yelp! badge on own Web site Track Yelp! page and what people are saying Businesses Dos and Donts on Yelp! Do: Take it with a grain of salt, emphasize the positive Dont: Try to pay people to write a Yelp! review </li> <li> Other Review Sites Proceeded Yelp!, but is not growing as fast as Yelp! Can use Facebook account to sign-in Businesses can claim their page, but it costs $ Also an Smart Phone application Collects local critics reviews </li> <li> Other Rating Systems User built pages User built pages Users are called (referred to as lenses) Hubbers about anything Allows Hubbers to set Can earn $ for self or up affiliations with charity Amazon, Google etc. Example: ASPCA to make $ off of page Example </li> <li> Social Bookmarking A method of saving and storing web pages in a single online location for future use or for sharing with other Internet users. ( Sharing these web pages can also be associated with a voting system depending on the service </li> <li> Social Bookmarking Sites All the sharing possibilities: Top 20 Sites </li> <li> Aggregators Two types: RSS Readers Downloadableor Web based Web based: Google Reader, Netvibes, MyYahoo! Social Network Aggregators </li> </ul>