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<ul><li>1.RubywithoutRails@WebDev Party #3photo by Crashmaster007 </li></ul> <p>2. a.k.a Eddie or Aquarianboy Live and work in Taipei, Taiwan. Serving in my own little tiny company. Flash / AS3 / Ruby / Rails / Python programming for living. Objective-C for personal inerests. Technical Education and Consulant. PTT Flash BM (since 2007/4). Ruby Certied Programmer (Since 2012/1). Adobe Certied Flash Developer (Since 2006/7). Linux Professional Institue Certication (Since 2005/3). photo by Eddie 3. Today, Well alk about..- some fun(or weird) parts of Ruby- what can you do with Ruby? 4. no Ruby on Rails oday. 5. 6. RubyRails! 7. ! 8. ~ 9. PHPRuby? 10. PHP.. 11. Im a Flash by JD Hancock 12. PHP..? PHPConf? 13. .. 14. ! 15. Ruby..a Object-Oriened Programminglanguage 16. &amp; 17. RVM or RbenvRVM o RVM and gemsets 18. Ruby is slow? 19. Live Coding! 20. This Page Inentionally Left Blank but not blank at all 21. Wrap it up! 22. Almost everything in Ruby is anobject. 23. but you can say "Everythingevaluaes o an object" 24. use Ruby 1.9+Ruby 1.8 has no future!1.8 v.s 1.9 25. Rails is not a language 26. Ruby != Rails, Rails != Ruby 27. and we usually call Ruby on Railsas Rails, not RoR. 28. theres no MAGIC! 29. So, what can you do with Ruby? 30. RakeMake, but Ruby version.Rack 31. Rackits a specication (and implemenation) of a minimalabstract Ruby API that models HTTP.such as Sinatra, Ruby on RailsRack http://www.sinatrarb.comRuby on Rails 32. developing App on MacOS? 33. developing App on iOS? 34. drawing, image processing, music.. 35. 36. Ruby is fun! 37. The only limiation is your imagination. 38. ! 39. Any Question? photo by jamuraa 40. Conacts WebsieBlog Plus!/ +886-928-617-687photo by Eddie </p>