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Talk about Google and Yahoo! , Microsoft. also Search Engine. This Materials For Study meeting series of our department is latter part. (First Part is the " Revolutions".)


  • 1. Silent running KAZUHirO FUJIE

2. Silent RunningCrying In The Rain Kazuhiro FujieITOCHU TECHNO-SCIENCE Corporation 2006/06/21 3. Silent Running Web2.0 Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, Google Microsoft 4. Crying In The Rain Search Engine Interesting Site Google v.s. Yahoo! Search Economy Microsoft Latest News 5. Edisons Question Google 6. Search Engine Web Web Web 7. Composition Elements ofSearch Engine Crawl, Crawler (or Spider) Searchbot Index and Indexer Runtime System or Query Processor 8. Mr. Crowley Crawler, Spider, Bot 9. The Crawler Transporter 10. The Crawler Transporter 11. Saturn V 12. Morphology of Spider 13. Internal Anatomy ofSpider 14. Lycosidae 15. Spider-man 16. Mr. Crawler Crawler, Spider, Bot CrawlerIndex URL 17. Index Index, Huge Database 18. Runtime System Query Server, SERP (SERP) 19. Search Engine Result Page SERP Web SERP SERPWeb SERP 20. Query Box in Google 21. SERP in Google 22. SERPin 23. Mechanism ofSearch Engine Back End. Crawler, Index Intermediate. Runtime Index. Memory Dump Search Results Database Front End. Query Server, User Interface 24. IslandInternet World is Virtual 25. Island 26. Infinite Space 27. Existence link infinite space 28. Along Comes A Spider 29. AltaVista Alpha Processor WebIndex Crawler Alpha Processor 64 bit memory 1000Crawler 1000 Web Index 30. Googlebot Deepbot 1WebGooglebot PageRank Freshbot Web Googlebot PageRank New Freshbot PageRank 31. My AnswerTentative My Thoughts 32. Quality of Search Engine Crawler Advanced Crawler Many many spider Huge Index Innovation Algorithm and Statistical pattern Huge Databases. Query Tag, Accurate Metadata. Google has over 100 factors. 33. Essential point 20031233Web 0.5 200312 Google33 Web PageRank 34. Essential point Google20 20063 2006DELLGoogle Search Appliance GB-1001 35. Digression 2005.09.21170+5 /200 2006615 30kWh 36. Answer to EdisonsQuestion Google SNS Web 37. Silent RunningContinue to The Next Pages