Ssd hosting - the future of hosting

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1. SSD HOSTING The new type of HOSTING 2. WHAT? A revolutionary technology in data storage field Technology based on Solid State Disks, a new type of HDD, where platters were replaced by flash memory chips The type of hosting that offers the speed traditional hosting can not provide 3. WHY? SSD Hosting offers enhanced speed, that traditional hosting packages can not provide Extremely small seek time High speed of site loading, based on the high speed of database interrogation High performance based on the processors speed Green Computing standards Mean Time Before Failure - 1.000.000 hours (over 100 years) 4. WHEN? When you want higher performance for your website and application, whether you are using shared hosting, vps hosting or a dedicated server When you are confronting with a heavy traffic for your website and you want an excelent speed When you want to offer a better website experience for your visitors 5. For further information, please contact:Raluca BUJOREANU Sales ManagerPhone: +4 021 568 15 69 Mobile: + 4 0725 999 021 Email: Website: