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<ul><li><p>What is Storyz LiVE?Storyz is a viral entertainment and marketing service that lets friends invite </p><p>friends in multi-threaded multi-media stories. Users can view, create and </p><p>participate in stories . across phone andweb platforms Storyz LiVE is a white labeled solution allowing media companies to create user generated reporting services by allowing users to post stories from web and mobile. LiVE also </p><p>serves as a viral marketing platform for our partners brand, as stories are spread among friends. Lastly, LiVE allows our partner to create new revenue streams based on engagement, with precise measurementof consumer activity. </p><p>ACROSS PHONE AND WEB PLATFORMS</p><p>VIRAL MARKETING PLATFORM</p><p>USER GENERATED REPORTING</p><p>NEW REVENUE STREAMS</p><p>MEASUREMENT</p><p>WHITE LABELED SOLUTION</p><p> 2009 STORYZ PTY. LTD.</p></li><li><p>Selected Key Features</p><p> 2009 STORYZ PTY. LTD.</p><p> M o b ile A p p lic a t io n s w it h e a s y c r e a t io n o f m u lt im e d ia s t o r ie s</p><p> , F a c e b o o k Ap p lic a t io n We b W id g e t s a n d e m a il r e s p o n s e f o r d is t r ib u t io n t h r o u g h s o c ia l n e t w o r k s</p><p> A lw a y s a c c e s s ib le f r ie n d s lis t B r a n d e d a n d c lic k a b le m e s s a g e s</p><p>For a full feature list for end users, click here or contact us</p><p>Apps are integrated with camera and address books. State of the art wap site ensures 100% mobile device coverage.</p><p>Invite friends via email, mobile phoneor Facebook. The list is accessiblewherever Storyz is accessed.</p><p>As users post stories, they can invite friends, thereby driving traffic to your site</p><p>Ability to create cross platform advertising campaigns or drive traffic to your web properties</p> 1Slide 2</li></ul>