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The latest news in technology and digital for this week. Twitter news, drones, Square, social data and statistics and more.


1. TECH + DIGITAL NEWS 10THINGSTOKNOWTHISWEEK@LAURENKGRAY 2. 1. Tweets are getting shorter According to MIT Technology Review, tweets are getting shorter which changes the way we communicate.@LAURENKGRAY 3. 2. Apples October 22 Event Confirmed: Expect to see new versions of the iPad and MacBook Pros Ship date for new Mac Pros@LAURENKGRAY 4. 3. Schedule Tweets through Twitter You can now schedule tweets through Twitters free analytics site at for free as well.@LAURENKGRAY 5. 4. Square opens Square Cash Square opened Square Cash to everyone 18+ with a US bank account allowing you to quickly send/email money without fees.@LAURENKGRAY 6. 5. Drones deliver textbooks The Flirtey Zookal drone has been delivering textbooks to students utilizing GPS coordinates of the person placing the order.@LAURENKGRAY 7. 6. Verizon testing same-day delivery Verizon began testing same-day delivery on phone orders in Philadelphia. The service is expected to expand.@LAURENKGRAY 8. 7. Twitter teams with Comcast Twitter teamed up with Comcast to stream live TV through tweets. The See It feature will debut in November.@LAURENKGRAY 9. 8. Report from Unisphere Research Unisphere Research and Skyword found 46% of companies have content marketing strategies and 87% of companies create their own original content.@LAURENKGRAY 10. 9. DMs from anyone on Twitter Twitter plans to allow users to opt-in to receive DMs from anyone. This could change the way customer service is perceived on Twitter.@LAURENKGRAY 11. 10. Morning routine apps According to Statista, 84% of smartphone owners are using apps during their morning routine.@LAURENKGRAY 12. SEE MORE: LAURENKGRAY.COM@LAURENKGRAY