The Intersection of Content Marketing and SEO

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Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures. The Intersection of Content Marketing and SEO: Despite what some might say, this is not a build it and they will come environment. Learn how to optimize your content for search.


  • 1.www.verticalmeasures.comTHE INTERSECTION OFCONTENT MARKETING AND SEOArnie KuennPresident, Vertical Measures@ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit8 Steps to Discovering & Creating Content Your Market Will Love

2. ABOUT YOUR PRESENTER President of Vertical Measures A Search, Social & Content Marketing Agency Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute &Online Marketing Institute Been an Internet marketer longer than Googlehas existed. 3. CONTENT MARKETING 4. CONTENT MARKETING - THE TOP PRIORITY 5. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? Content marketing is the art of providing relevant,valuable content to your customers without selling orinterrupting them. Instead of pitching your products or services, you aredelivering information that makes your prospectsmore informed before they buy. If you deliver consistent, ongoing valuableinformation to your prospects, they ultimately rewardyou with their business and loyalty. 6. THIS IS NOT A 30 DAY R.O.I.BUT THE LONG-TERM PAYOFFSCAN BE HUGE 7. ACHIEVING SUCCESS IS CONTINUOUS,PLANNED OUT PROCESS 8. SOME FACTSof all consumers use searchprior to making a purchaseSource: GroupMof searchers conduct non-branded queriesof buyers click on organiclinks vs the sponsored ads 9. WHAT ARE WE SEARCHING FOR? 10. WE ARE BECOMING BETTER AT SEARCHING The general trend is that people who are searching for 2or 3 word phrases is decreasing, while people who aresearching for 4, 5, or even 8 word phrases is increasing. 4-word searches = 14.89% (previously was 12.83%) 5-word searches = 8.68% (previously was 5.64%) 6-word searches = 4.65% (previously was 2.32%) 7-word searches = 2.49% (previously was 0.98%) 8-word searches = 3.43% (no one did 8-word searches in 2004!)Research by Hitwise 11. LONG TAIL IS THE KEY! 12. START WITH RESEARCH 13. KNOW YOUR KEYWORDS 14. MORE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLSGoogle Keyword SuggestRelate Searches 15. MORE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLSYouTube Related Searches 16. More than 410questions about visitthe grand canyon(exact match).More than 3,400using broad match! 17. Long tail searchesare the key tosuccess! 18. LIST ALL CONTENT IDEAS IN A SPREADSHEET 19. PUT TOGETHER AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR 20. BENEFITS OF A BLOG Gives you a vehicle to postnew content Allows for internal linking Keeps the search enginescoming back have 434%more indexed pages* Have 2X as many backlinks* Your site gets 55% moretraffic* You have 79% more Twitterfollowers*Source: *Hubspot 21. HOW SEARCH WORKS 22. SEARCH OPTIMIZATION ELEMENTS 23. SEARCH RESULTS WEB PAGE CONNECTIONWebpage File NameWebpage Title TagMeta Description 24. UNIVERSAL SEARCH RESULTS70+% of all search results 25. HOW TO OPTIMIZE IMAGES Image files should be compressed as much asreasonably possible to reduce file size. Smaller filesmean faster site load speeds. JPGs generally offerthe best balance of file size & quality. Use relevant keywords in image filenames,separated by dashes (not underscores). Instead of"DL000031.jpg", use something like "red-sports-car.jpg" Make sure tags have their "alt" and "title"attributes defined with descriptive, concise, keyword-related text. Do not stuff attributes. Context matters. Google looks at content placedaround the image, like titles and captions, for contextabout your image. Be sure to include images in your sitemap. TheXML tags provide additional opportunities to definean images title, caption, and even geographiclocation. 26. HOW TO OPTIMIZE VIDEOS Specific, Compelling Title Would you click on OurCompany or neither will your audience. Tags This is where you can help your video appear inthe Suggested or Similar videos section. Dont bedishonest, but if there are pop culture or social mediareferences in the video, tag them accordingly. Description - Say as much as you can in the firstsentence or two, because many video sites will hide thebulk of your description. Include at least one link placedat the start of the description with http://. Video Quality / Resolution Shoot, edit and export thevideo in the highest quality available on the devices andsoftware you use. The online video audience is veryforgiving of skill level, but a low resolution video canmake it difficult to see what is going on. Thumbnail Image If its an organically made video(not planned), pick the most visually compelling of theoptions they give you. 27. HOW TO APPEAR IN GOOGLE NEWS Need to submit your URL to Google first Article URLs must be:UniquePermanentDisplay a three-digit number To see if a site is already included inGoogle News, type [ ], into thesearch box and click "Search News." 28. DO YOU HAVE A GOOGLE+ BUSINESS PAGE? 29. +1 BUTTON: OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESSES 30. SHARING NEW CONTENT CAN BE VERY SIMPLE 31. BUILD LINKS TO YOUR CONTENT Identify low hanging fruit Internal links Fix 404, 500 and 302 errors Guest blog posts or articles Blog & forum participation Where you have relationships Local partners & listings Competitive research for similar content The best links: Are from trusted sites Have varied anchor text Are from many different, relevant websites Determined editorially 32. MEASURE! Measure for successesand failures Check yourrankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics Focus on the strategiesthat are providing the bestROI and keep rolling outthe content 33. HOW ABOUT A RECAP? 34. CUSTOM TRAINING PROGRAM? 1 year content marketing training &coaching program Beta looking for 3 organizations towork with us at highly discountedpricing 35. BOOK RAFFLE TIME! 36. Contact: 888-476-1881www.VerticalMeasures.comMore Traffic. More Leads. More Business.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!