The Next 5 Campaigns - Webinar #2 out of 3 series

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<ul><li> 1. The Next 5 Campaigns Strengthen Your Email Campaign Reach Part 2 of 3 Presented by: Mathew Sweezey, Sales Manager, Pardot LLC February 16, 2012 </li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Advanced SegmentaLons CondiLonal Landing Pages Advanced Nurturing TacLcs Win/Loss Survey Lost Deal Campaign 3. Advanced Segmenta3ons Data Mining Secrets 4. Advanced Segmenta3on #6 Email First Name Last Name Segmenta3on List 5. What Youll Need 1 AutomaLon Rule Data points to use 1 List already created Training on If-Then Logic 6. Condi3onal Forms Changing the Game 7. Advanced Forms #7 Form Form Form 8. What Youll Need 1 Form Deep understanding of what you would like to know Progressive order of your quesLons 9. Advanced Nurturing Tac3cs Ohh, Youre Fancy Now 10. Advanced Nurturing #8 Email Email Days Days 6 9 Split Lists A/B Drip Report Days ? 11. What Youll Need Drip Templates Split List for A/B TesLng View Drip Report Smarts! 12. Win Loss Survey Who doesnt like to improve 13. Win Loss Survey #9 Call Lost Opportuni3es Email Results Form on Landing Page 14. What Youll Need List of lost Opps Call Script Follow up Email Landing Page Form 15. Lost Deal Drip Make Sales Happier 16. Lost Deal Drip #10 Drip #1 Drip #2 CRM List Days 45 Drip #3 Days Days Rinse and 45 3 Repeat 17. What Youll Need 1 List - visible in CRM 1 Nurturing Program 3 Emails in the drip program 18. Ques3ons Stupid ones are Okay! 19. Contact Informa3on Pardot Mathew Sweezey 950 East Paces Ferry Rd Sales Manager Suite 3300 Atlanta, Georgia 30326 @msweezey at Twi`er 404.492.6848 877.3B2B.ROI </p>