Tips to outsource software projects in china

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  • 1. How to outsource software projectAnd Tips to preventing failureBy LiuKaiFeb, 2011

2. Outsourcing is easy 3. You have a needI want a flying object 4. You do not have resources or experience 5. You find some specialist 6. You pay 7. then you get 8. A big surprise! 9. Outsourcing will bringmore productivity 10. But it does not reduceManagement 11. Some tips to help you&BEST PRACTISE 12. TIP 1 : Make Clear Goals Objective of boeing777 worth 1 billion US$77710 13. TIP 2 : Know EVERY member of the team at lease meet them all once 14. TIP 3 : Say NO to requirement changesRequirement expanding is the most popular reason leads toexceeding cost and time Vosburgh et al. 1984, Lederer and Prasad 1992, Jones 1991, Standish Group 1994Dont start the project untill being sureabout requirement 15. TIP 4 : Do not imagine I think they understand me I think they already start to Especially about schedule 16. TIP 5 : Start from smallest step plan 1st interation in few weeks, or even days 17. TIP 6 : Test and deploy ASAP Establishing source code control and continuous integration will be helpful 18. TIP 7 : Have UI well designedHaving UI designed before outsourcing could be a good idea 19. TIP 8 : Try to understand the tech even though you dont have a tech backgroundInvolve the future IT support team atthe beginning of the project 20. AGAIN,Outsourcing does not reduceManagement 21. SO, Most important tip is 22. TIP 0 :Spend no less time on itthan your inhouse projects 23. Thanks & glad to be helpful! CTO of Wildfire 7 years of software dev management 720+ R&D