Top 3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Search Solution to FAST Search for SharePoint

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SurfRay is proud to present Mikael Svenson, Microsoft SharePoint search MVP, who will present the top 3 reasons you should upgrade your search solution to FAST Search for SharePoint. Mikael will outline some of the key features in FS4SP and give live examples of how they work.


<ul><li> 1. Top 3 Reasons you Should upgradeyour search solution to FAST Searchfor SharePointMikael Svensonmikael.svenson@puzzlepart.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Introduction Demo Q&amp;A 3. About Me SharePoint MVP Broad search experience Author of Working with Microsoft FAST SearchServer 2010 for SharePoint MSPress I am a Search enthusiast Coder Consultant / Advisor 4. Demo Environment 2010 Information Worker Demonstration andEvaluation Virtual Machine (SP1) SharePoint 2010 Value Pillars Content Pack 5. REASON #1 6. Indexing pipeline Unstructured -&gt; Structure Modify Normalize Enrich Clean 7. ExamplesBarack ObamaProject FrameworkBarack Hussein Obama II Proj.frameworkBarack Obama#p12-12Obama PROJ-12.12President Obama Pzl.CoreSenator Obama Project number 12 12iPhoneBig DogiPhone 3GSGerman ShepherdiPhone 4DobermaniPhone 4S Golden RetrieveriPhone 32GB PointerI3GS-BIrish Setter 8. REASON #2 9. Advanced Query Capabilities FAST Query Language (FQL) Not for end-users 10. REASON #3 11. Contextual Search Built-in SharePoint user context Build your own using scopes Give your users what they need 12. Q/A &amp; Contact Details Mikael Svenson @mikaelsvenson The Authors Pro SharePoint 2010 Search Josh NobleRobert Piddocke @SurfRay @rpiddocke JoshNoble robertpiddocke</p>