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This is Jacob Voncannon's presentation for the October meeting of the Austin HubSpot User Group. The slides cover driving revenue from your marketing.


  • 1. WHO IS JACOB VONCANNON? Baylor Graduate, Marketing Houston, TX Native Grew up around EnergyBusiness Ran a record label at Baylor Fell in to Crane Industry

2. HOW I USE HUBSPOT A Complete lead generation machine Tracking through CRM connection Inbound Call Tracking Metrics Analyzer Email Marketing (mostly sales emails, and our bi-weekly newsletter) Workflows Email Drip Campaigns Landing Pages I basically use all of Hubspots functions except for the CMS 3. EXAMPLES OF WHECO INBOUND MARKETING 4. DISCLAIMERI Took a lot of this information directly from Mike Volpes Inbound 2012 presentation Be like Mike 5. TO SEE THE FULL PRESENTATION nd-2012-presentations/advanced/be-like-mike- in-reporting-and-analytics-how-to-report-on- your-marketing-like-hubspotChapter 4 Closing the Loop ofSocial Media ROI The Math of ROI Calculating COCA Understanding total lifetime valueof a customer How to gather the data properly


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