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2. WALLPAPERYahoo! Front page Takeover: Wallpaper (Custom Background 1280x1024) + MPU (300x250) Paint the enKre Yahoo! Front Page The combinaKon of the Takeovers excellent visibility and the Yahoo! Front Page high level of trac guarantees that your ads will be noKced by users. MPU & Wallpaper Ad Specs R 3. THE ARCHYahoo! Front Page Takeover: The Arch + MPU (300x250) + Banner Ad (468x60) Composed of a staKc background image, MPU (available with video) and Banner Ad. Real estate immediately visible to the user as soon as the page is loaded strong impact before any user iniKaKon. Opportunity to communicate a strong brand message instantly. The Arch Ad CreaKve Example The Arch Ad Specs 4. 3D BROCHUREYahoo! Front Page Takeover: 3D Brochure (including MPU (300x250) and 400x60) An impacul and eye-catching way to adapt your print material for the online audience easily and quickly The navigaKon wings control the direcKon the 3D Brochure scrolls Premium 3D Brochure Examples: 3D Video Carousel; 3D InteracKve Panel; Video Expander 3D Brochure Ad Specs 5. HIGH BARYahoo! Front Page Takeover: High Bar (970x60) and MPU (300x250) The 970x60 ad unit is very high on the page above the fold which will grab users aeenKon immediately as they land on the page. High Bar CreaKve Example High Bar Ad Specs 6. SHUFFLE BOX Yahoo! Shue Box: 3 modules displaying dierent content types Video, Gallery, ArKcle, Feed. Get your audiences aeenKon on all devices with this neat box that oers much more depth than the usual inline unit. Key Advantages: maximum reach; easy to build; customisable; and impact. Shue Box CreaKve Example Shue Box Ad Specs Shue Box Video 7. BRAND REEL Yahoo! Front Page Takeover: Brand Reel (300x600) Made up of mulKple Half Page ads with an inbuilt navigaKon to scroll between dierent ash panels, each of which can contain rich media content Non intrusive, interacKve and user-iniKated. Brand Reel CreaKve Example Brand Reel Ad Specs R 8. HALF PAGEYahoo! Front Page Takeover: Half Page (300x600) Excellent visibility (above the fold) on the Yahoo! Front Page guaranteeing exposure High impact with the opportunity of using engaging rich media, sounds and video within the ad format Half Page Ad Specs 9. 3D TUMBLER The 3D Tumbler is a great way to maximise visual impact and awareness while using minimal creaKve eort. Just provide four images and this ad product auto-rotates the canvas with an eye-catching 3D transiKon. Four 250x250 JPG or GIF, with Background Image. Each image can have its own URL. 3D Tumbler CreaKve Example 3D Tumbler Ad Specs 10. CONNECTCape Town021 446 6475Johannesburg 011 447 2879Email sales@apurimacmedia.comThis document is condenKal and intended solely for the person or organisaKon to which it is addressed. It may contain privileged and condenKal informaKon. Please note we reserve the right to all informaKon in this document. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not copy, distribute or take any acKon in reliance on it. If you have received this document in error, please noKfy us immediately by e-mail at