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  • 1. The Fall Of The Berlin WallNick Murray The Fall Of TheBerlin WallExtension HistoryNick Murray 9 September 2011The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Nick Murray

2. The Fall Of The Berlin WallNick Murray- German politician- Mayor of West Berlin 19571966, The same time as the Wall wasconstructed.- Chancellor of West Germany 19691974,- leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (DPG) 19641987.- Nick-named the wall The wall of shame Because the Wall restricts thefreedom of movement around Germany.- He created Ostpolitik, a policy aimed at improving relations with EastGermany, Poland, and the Soviet Union. This policy caused Brandt towin the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971. - Was a former Soviet statesman - Served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991 - He was the last head of state of the USSR, having served from 1988 until its dissolution in 1991. - He who dismantled communism in his own country which lead to the de- construction of The Berlin Wall.- He was the 40th President of the United States (19811989)- The 33rdGovernor of California (19671975)- Prior to that, he was a radio, lm and television actor.- He gave a speech at the berlin wall and advised Mikhail Gorbachev to take down the wall.- Then he said the same thing to the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Nick Murray 3. The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Nick Murray - He was a German politician, - He was the son of Germanys rst President Friedrich Ebert. - He was a Social Democrat like his father before him - Is best known for his role in the origins of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. - Was a German communist politician who led the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) - General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party from 1971 until 1989 - serving as Head of State as well in 1976.The Fall Of The Berlin WallNick Murray 4. The Fall Of The Berlin WallNick MurrayTimeline1961Aug. 13 The border between East andWest Berlin is closed off and a barbed wireand fence is erected; concrete appears atthe scene two days later. The wall wouldeventually grow to be a 96-mile barriercircling West Berlin.1963June 26 A speech is held on the WestGerman side of the Berlin Wall, PresidentJohn F. Kennedy says: "There are many people in the world who really dont understand,or say they dont, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world.Let them come to Berlin." He also utters these words "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I am aBerliner).Dec. 17 After allot of negotiation, anagreement is reached allowing WestBerlin inhabitants to visit relatives inEast Berlin on a limited basis.1971Sept. 3 The Four- Agreement on BerlinPowerwas signed. The Four-Power Agreementon Berlin was signed to ease travelrestrictions from West Germany to WestBerlin as well as the opening of tradeand diplomatic ties between East Germany and West Germany. I this action East andWest Germany became more attached.The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Nick Murray 5. The Fall Of The Berlin WallNick Murray1974 - 1976A second wall is built behind the original wall deeper inside East German territory,including touch-sensitive fencing with weapons mounted to fire at anyone touching thefence.1987June 12 US President Ronald Reagan Gives a speech in West Berlin saying : "GeneralSecretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union andEastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, openthis gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."1989May 2 Dismantling of the Iron Curtain (the boundary between Warsaw Pact and the NATOcountries) begins as Hungary disables the electric alarm system and cuts through barbedwire on its border with Austria.Sept. 10 Hungary reopens its border with East Germany. This allows13,000 East Germansto escape through to Austria.Oct. 18 East German leader Erich Honecker is forced to resign.Nov. 4 One million people rally in East Berlin during weeks of mounting demonstrations.Nov. 9 The Berlin Wall falls.Nov. 24 The Communists in step down.The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Nick Murray 6. The Fall Of The Berlin WallNick MurrayMapThe Fall Of The Berlin Wall Nick Murray