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Introduction of University of Illinois at Chicago


  • 1. University of Illinois at ChicagoInternational summerprogram

2. LOGO2014/8/262University of Illinois at Chicago1 Introduction of UIC pharmacy2 UIC international summer program3 Chicago sightseeing4 Summary 3. Introduction of UICpharmacy 4. LOGO2014/8/264 5. LOGO2014/8/265University of Illinois at Chicago-thecollege of Pharmacy 1867 12014 Pharm D ()Pharm D 6. LOGO2014/8/266 7. UIC internationalsummer program 8. LOGO Nancy L. Shapiro,PharmD, FCCP, BCPSClinical Associate ProfessorAmbulatory Care PharmacyDepartment of PharmacyPractice2014/8/268 Alan H. Lau, PharmD,FCCPProfessorDirector, International ClinicalPharmacy EducationDepartment of PharmacyPractice 9. LOGOOurteachers 10. LOGO2014/8/2610 11. LOGO2014/8/2611 12. LOGO2014/8/2612 13. LOGO2014/8/2613Blackboard 14. LOGO2014/8/26147/1 7/2 7/39:00 10:00Overview of clinicalpharmacy educationand practice in USAlanTaking a medicationhistory and Ptinterviewingexercises servicesSheilaWriting SOAP notesand exercisesLatha10:30 11: 30Overview ofPharmacy service atUI HealthAndy Donnelly13:30 15:00Tour of College,Hospitals, Clinics,PharmacyPatient Counselingand practiceBrad11:00-12:30MedicationReconciliationAdam BursuaWeek 1 15. LOGO2014/8/2615Clinical Pharmacy Education The area of pharmacy concerned with the science andpractice of rational medication use 1938: 4 year B.S program adopted by AACP 1948: 5 year 1950s: 6 year entry-level PharmD degree, not clinicallyorientation 1961: First post-graduate PharmD student 1979: ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy)founded 16. LOGO2014/8/2616Clinical Pharmacy Education now1 year1 yearCompetent clinical Pharmacist4 years2~4 years12-month program with specialized areaAmbulatory careCardiologyCritical careDrug informationEmergency medicineInfectious disease/HIV careOncologyPediatricsSolid organ transplantPrimary care clinic: day/week clinic,Specializedchange after 6 monthsResident report conference: lunchmeeting dailyResidencyResearch projectOvernight on-call programSeminarPharmacyClinical teaching certificate programUndergraduate educationPre-pharmacyPGY-1Pharm DPGY-2Core CurriculumIPPE=300 hrsAPPE=1440 hrs (36 week, each 6 week) 17. LOGO2014/8/2617UI Health Hospital Pharmacies Hospital central pharmacy, 3 satellites Five outpatient pharmacies OPD: 250 prescriptions/dayUDD: 440 beds Clinical pharmacist: PGY-1 (16)PGY-2Clinical staff pharmacist: PharmD and others Pharmacy clinics: antithrombosis, pulmonary, liver,solid organ transplant Pharmacogenomic program: warfarin and clopidogrel 18. LOGO2014/8/2618 19. LOGO2014/8/2619Drug Information Center 20. LOGO2014/8/2620Central Hospital Pharmacy 21. LOGO2014/8/2621Central Hospital Pharmacy 22. LOGO2014/8/2622Central Hospital Pharmacy 23. LOGO2014/8/2623Central Hospital Pharmacy 24. LOGO2014/8/2624Oncology Pharmacy 25. LOGO2014/8/2625Outpatient Pharmacy 26. LOGO2014/8/2626Outpatient Pharmacy 27. LOGO2014/8/2627Outpatient Pharmacy 28. LOGO2014/8/2628Outpatient Pharmacy 29. Outpatient Pharmacy Counseling roomLOGO2014/8/2629 30. LOGO2014/8/2630Our classroom 31. LOGO2014/8/2631S note for SOAP 32. LOGO2014/8/2632Indications for SOAP 33. LOGO2014/8/26337/8 7/9 7/10 7/119:00 11:00HTN and BPtestingErikaDM and clinicDaphneOncologyand clinicSandyCKDAlan11:00 12:00CHF clinicVickiInsulin products/DM womenhealthRebeccaIn ptoncologySeemaTransplantJim/Maya13:15 15:15HTN casesErikaDM casesJamesOncologycasesSandyCKD casesAdam BursuaWeek 2 34. LOGO2014/8/2634BP monitoring 35. LOGO2014/8/2635Insulin injection 36. LOGO2014/8/2636Welcome Dinner 37. LOGO2014/8/26377/15 7/16 7/17 7/189:00 11:00Pediatrics anddosingcalculationsJenniferPharmacology ofanticoagulantsNancyResidencytraining andToxicologyFrankHepatitis C andclinicMichelle11:00 12:00Peds in/out ptJenniferATC andgenomicsNancyProfessionalismNicholasTelemedicineJuliana13:15 15:15PediatricscasesJenniferAnticoagulationcasesNancyJournal clubJohnsonNeurologyMitraMTMTiffanyWeek 3 38. LOGO2014/8/2638 39. LOGO2014/8/26397/22 7/23 7/24 7/259:00 11:00Lab valuesCharlesCOPD andsmoke cessationLoriImmunizationSheilaFinalpresentations11:00 12:00Community-acquiredpneumoniaCharlesInhalerLoriHepatitis A andBJulianaGraduationlunch/ certificateceremony13:15 15:15UTI and casesCharlesCOPD/asthma/tobacco usecasesLoriSepsisJohnsonWeek 4 40. LOGO2014/8/2640 41. LOGO2014/8/2641Smoking cessation 42. LOGO2014/8/2642Vaccines Screening Checklist 43. LOGO2014/8/2643Final Presentation 44. LOGO2014/8/2644Certificate Ceremony 45. LOGO2014/8/2645Graduation Dinner 46. LOGO2014/8/2646Graduation Dinner 47. Chicago Sightseeing 48. LOGO2014/8/2648 49. The Loop 50. LOGO2014/8/2650The Art Institute of Chicago1879Walt Disney250000 51. LOGO2014/8/2651Millennium Park2004 52. LOGO2014/8/2652The Crown FountainJaume Plensa15LED 53. LOGO2014/8/2653Cloud GateAnish KapoorThe Bean113168 54. LOGO2014/8/2654Jay Pritzker PavilionFrank Gehry 55. LOGO2014/8/2655Willis TowerSears Tower1973108442103skydeck 56. LOGO2014/8/2656Magnolia Bakery 57. Near North Side &Gold Coast 58. LOGO2014/8/2658Navy Pier 59. LOGO2014/8/2659Old Chicago Water Tower District1871 60. LOGO2014/8/2660John Hancock Center1970Willis Tower100X 61. LOGO2014/8/2661Lincolin Park and Zoo18501868152300 62. LOGO2014/8/2662Sprinkles Cupcakes 63. South Loop &Chinatown 64. LOGO2014/8/2664ChinatownChinatown Gate1975 65. LOGO2014/8/2665Museum CampusShedd AquariumAdler Planetarium andField MuseumShedd Aquarium15004DAdler Planetarium1930Field Museum2100 66. LOGO2014/8/2666 67. LOGO2014/8/2667University of Chicago189085 68. Others 69. LOGO2014/8/2669 70. LOGO2014/8/2670 71. LOGO2014/8/2671 72. Summary 73. LOGO2014/8/2673What I have learnedThe schedule of program is very flexible, notonly in-deep knowledge but also coverpharmacy education, pharmacist role in clinicalpractice, introduction of Chicago and so on. Also,the experiences about how to become aprofessional clinical pharmacists and how todevelop the pharmacy clinics are inspire me somuch.